Budget gear, yes, but a question about monitors.

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by TheAngryFedora, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. I've just bought a pair of KRK RP8's. They're okay, but they seem to be less accurate than I would have hoped. Or, as someone put it, more difficult to learn and to get comfortable with than the other pair that I was looking at- Event TR8's. I'm thinking of dropping the $420 that it would take to get the TR8's, and depending on what I like, returning the other pair. Any advice on this? Is it worth the effort and the risk of fronting $420 for a pair of monitors and THEN returning the other pair?

    Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

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    What you hear is the most important thing in recording. If you don't like what you hear then nothing else matters. If it's because of the speakers then it would behoove you to get speakers that you do like. If you can, listen to them first. Try them out with material that you are familiar with.

    As far as money goes, do the Events sound like they are $420 better than the KRKs? Is having speakers you like worth the additional $420? It would be for me.
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    Your monitors and acoustics should be the most expensive, honest thing you own. That said, there are many expensive pieces of crap. Use your ears.

    What is your room like?
    Go over to http://www.realtraps.com and use Ethan's mode (standing wave) calculator. See if your room is the issue.
    Where are your monitors placed? You could be creating nodes (cancellations) with your placement.

    I agree that KRoKs are not very good monitors. Just trying to help you out. BTW, I will try to find it, but I have the performance plots of most of the nearfield monitors in that price range. I would not go with the any Events, any Alesis, the Tascams, Behringers, etc. They all have jacked up low end, and havevery slow dynamic breaking.
  4. The performance plots would be fantastic! Thanks very much!

    And, thank you to the moderator/admin who moved this here- I didn't actually remember that this section of the forum existed.... Sorry.

    My room isn't treated at all yet- I'm going to get on that shortly. My placement is FAR less than ideal, too- I'm going to deal with that once I set up the desk the way that it ought to be set up. The extent of my acoustic treatment right now is MoPads, which are nice, but I do need to get on that whole making the room not sound terrible thing... It might help. Just a bit.

    Well, yeah, thank you very much. I know the price range is nothing great, but I need to start mixing some stuff, and I have very little money. If I could I'd get ahold of a pair of Mackie HR824's maybe, but then again that opens up a whole new pricerange that I haven't investigated yet. And don't have the money to investigate.

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    You can buy my TR8s from me for $300 for the pair.

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