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Discussion in 'Mixing' started by rwm-e, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. rwm-e

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    yo ppl.. was wondering what the best 'budget gear' home recording software is to get?? going to buy one very soon...

    (also.. totally unrelated to music - but was wondering if any computer buffs on here know how to capture video from a vhs on to a computer??? )

    thanx very much... Rwm
  2. zemlin

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    it's free

    I have a $75 Pinnacle PCI card in my box - it has an RCA video input and an SVHS input. I can capture tape that way. Not saying it's the best - but it works for me.
  3. rwm-e

    rwm-e Guest

    thats rubbish software tho. i dnt mean free stuff - i mean up 2 the 100 dollar mark.. or 2wards the £50/ £60 mark if ur advice is from the UK. is cubase or cakewalk better - or something else.. at the low end of the scale?
  4. zemlin

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    What do you want to do with it? What are your requirements? What sort of sound card do you have? What kind of monitoring setup do you have? What sort of music are you dealing with? Are you even recording music? Live? Concerts? Or is it just you building stuff up one track at a time? Are you looping? ... ...

    Maybe if you tell us what Audacity doesn't do for you (rather than calling it "rubbish") someone might be able to give you a meaningful tip.
  5. rwm-e

    rwm-e Guest

    basically im trying to get the most professional track-by-track software available at the budget end of the scale. i have an audigy 2 soundcard - sampling at 24bit 96khz.. and its for home recording. i currently have an older edition of cakewalk and acid pro 4.0. music software has so much more 2 it now and i want to get something that does so much more. im thinking cubase 5.0 or such likes - im wondering what ppl think?
  6. zemlin

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    I just signed up for Sam For Rent - I get Samplitude Pro for $30/month (2 year contract) including all updates (including major updates), support, etc. I get a $10 break because I sent them my Vegas CD.

    I only need to work 1 billable hour per month to support my software habit now - and I still have money left. Depending on your needs you can pay even less.

  7. 5inusoid

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    Cubase SE, hands down. Unlimited record tracks, 64 tracks midi, 16 VSTi at a time, VST support, 24 bit recording, automation, stable as hell. It retails for $100 but I've seen it for $79 on the web.

    EDIT: Oops, my specs were a little off. Here's from Steinberg:
    - 48 audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks
    - Professional 24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution
    - Supports up to 16 VST instruments
    - 5 insert effects and 8 send effects per channel
    - VST System Link and ReWire 2 compatible
    - Includes complete set of audio and midi effect plugins. Same advanced user interface
    and functionality as Cubase SL/SX, fully upwards compatible
  8. rwm-e

    rwm-e Guest

    i was thinking about cubase SE. if i could get it for the $75 equivalent in pounds that wldnt be bad at all. The cheapest ive seen it for was £85 ($140) plus £6 delivery charge... seems to retail at £99($160) most places. if anyone spy's it cheaper anywhere if they cld let me know plz that would be great.
  9. yzfwv

    yzfwv Guest

    I bought mine at guitar center in Maryland for $100

    you might be able to order it off of their website
  10. I have Used Magix Music Studio 2004

    Its very easy to use, and comes with some sample effects, but if you want to do anything substantial, you'll want to get some more Direct X effects, seems to work really well, for me anyway
  11. maggotspawn

    maggotspawn Active Member

    cubase se is alot of bang for the buck, (pound)...

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