Buffer Rate/ Latency Questions

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Avalon, Dec 9, 2004.

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  1. Avalon

    Avalon Guest

    I'm confused please help me out....

    My soundcard is Maudio Delta 44, I also have a Creative Audigy 2 ZS card in there for games and such. (yeah yeah, i know about the 48khz sample rate thing)

    I'm striving for the best sound quality possible with what i have.

    I have Orion 5.8 and NI Kontact, I use them arrange my music and stream out of Orion as a 24bit wav with the "highest quailty" box checked off.

    Recently i tried setting the buffers very low, from 2080 down to 512 on the Delta card. The DMA buffer size i set down to 64 from 256. Then in Kontackt I set both buffer rates to the lowest for dfd mode. I raised the Reserved Voices up to 256 and it says mem total 6mb. I then switched Kontact from sampler to dfd mode on my samples ..and I swear I noticed an improved sound. The only problem now is that my tracks play fine but end up glitchy after I stream them out Orion.

    Now for the Qs..

    What should i do? Will upgrading my computer help stop the latency and glitches?

    What should i upgrade? RAM? Hardrive? CPU?

    What soundcard do recomend me to get for better sound quality/latency? Would an Apogge Rosseta 200 be any good?

    Should i slave Orion with a program like Cubase Sx3 and stream the tracks out Cubase for better sound?

  2. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    apogee rosetta is an a/d not a soundcard... and it's one of the best converters out there! (it costs a lot too...)
    as for buffer vs latency is simple! the more buffer size the more latency!
    to improve you have to have more ram and so on... system, a 7200rpm disc will help too...
    as for soundcards there are many out there who simply are amazing! you mention the rosetta so money ain't an option???
    and yes you can improve the soundcard!
    what do you usually record?
  3. Avalon

    Avalon Guest

    i use samples to create r&b music via a midi controller. I've got p4 1.2 ghz, 512mb Ram, with a 40gb hardrive. If i upgraded to a 3.8 ghz with 2gb ram and a 260gb/7200 RPM hardrive, will it help? What soundcard you recomend? I'm look for something around $2000 or under, i don't care about how many ins and outs, just audio quailty.

    I record vocals, which is why i want the rosseta at the end of my hardware chain to convert the sound properly. An apogge rep said if i buy their firewire X card for it, i could firewire everything into cubase. I would also be able to get playback and the rosseta would be used as a soundcard. Thats what he told me. He said i wouldn't need an alternative soundcard

    thanks for the info anyway loco

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