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Building a split multicore - some questions

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Aimhill, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Aimhill

    Aimhill Guest


    I want to build my own mic-splitter-multicore.
    I have some high quality split-transformers (Mu-metal shielded…), but I’m unsure about some details:
    1. Can the transormer suffer from phantom-power being fed from any of the consoles (accidently on the split-side and of course from the main desk)?
    2. Shall I mount the transformers in 90 degree-angles to prevent crosstalk?
    Any idea how to do that (transformers are to be print-mounted) if necessary?
    3. Jensen recommends damping transistors (2,7k) on the split-outputs to prevent undamped resonances when those lines are unused. Is this a good idea?
    4. Jensen recommends an RF-network on each input and output, consisting of an 51 Ohm resistor and a 10 nF capacitor. Is this needed and does it have to be “tuned” to fit the transformers?
    5. The transformers I use have only one connection for the shield – is it a problem to keep the ground “lifted” from the split-outputs?

    Furthermore I need an idea what rackmount stagebox to use, that has enough space to fit the transformers in there.

    Any other tipps, thoughts to consider are very welcome!

    If interested: The data of the transformers I use can be found here: Data

    Thanks, Christof

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