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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by chicouk, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. chicouk

    chicouk Guest

    hey all i decided to convert my garage in to a digital recording studio

    i was going to get myself a mac but it is just too expensive and after reading several "pc vs macs" threads i decided to build myself a pc

    i will be buying most of my hardware from ebay/computer fairs but i was wonderin if you guys can help me out what i need to buy

    i live in the uk and money is really not the issue as long as i dont spend over 2000 pounds (2700 usd)

    oh yea i am new to this forum so if i post this on the wrong section can u please move it for me


  2. Spy

    Spy Guest


    Greetings Aaron,

    I'm a PC user myself but if I had 2 grand at my disposal and little or no experience of building a computer I'd probably buy a Mac and a copy of Logic.

    However, if you insist on doing things the hard way, may I suggest that you look at the specs of computers made by well-known 'audio PC' builders and use them as your starting point. In the UK there are a few to choose from including Carillon, Red Submarine, Scan, Philip Rees and many others.

    Once you have a rough idea of the components you need and which ones are likely to work together, take your time and put it all together slowly testing as you go. Good luck.

  3. MaloS

    MaloS Guest

    short suggestions:
    intel processors seem to perform better for audio/image processing.
    u need a large amount of ram, 1 gig is minimum, with the budge u have whipe urself out 2-3.
    consider multiple large hard drives, the one u record to should have the fastest rpm (for the same reason that u have alot of ram, to minimize latency).
    maybe not at start, but later on u might find that multiple screens are very comfortable for running alot of stuff for recording/mixing
    Recommended motherboard would prolly be by ASUS, but that would be taken from the computer geek side of me, and make sure its compatible with whatever processor u r getting. alot of companies sell processors in bundles with motherboards. maxing out processor speed is unnecessary.

    make sure u know what u want as ur audiocard/interface, internal or external. if external, make sure you have firewire (make sure u have firewire anyway). (externals overall are better and higher quality ones are only available as external).

    video is obviously the least of ur concerns, but try to keep it set so ur eyes do not get screwed in the process. also, radeon cards tend to be quieter than the nvidia products.
    try to get the quieter fans for ur computer, obviously to also reduce noise.

    otherwise, then scout for all the audiogear u need (if u do not have it yet)....and make sure u have some good software on that thing, otherwise u r just undoing all the power u can put in it for 2000 pounds.

    obviously u do all this only if you are rather serious about the studio u r building and planning on recording more than demo quality.

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