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  1. Okay, I give up.

    An outside mixing house is mixing the project I've been working on.

    Yet when I try to burn a CD to send them the files, ALL of the files are way too big to fit on the CD.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm on Pro Tools, on a MAC G5, and I need whatever help you can give. Thanks!!!
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    What files are you sending? If you are sending the session files, then you may need to send a DVD or two or three.

    If you want to send the finished mixes, you need to "bounce to disc"and sending them that. That will all fit on a standard CD, as long as you do not have over 80 minutes of music.
  3. I'm sending session files. I have a DVD-R...How do I make it record as a DVD? Any ideas?

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    If the studio is not too far from you I would put everything on an external hard drive and bring is there.

    Depending on what you need there is another solution:

    Choose the audiofiles that you want to be mixed, put them in another folder and burn just those with the session file on a CD. Burning a DVD is exactly the same thing as a CD.

    Hope it helps.


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