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Discussion in 'Computing' started by TREV, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. TREV

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    Hello, thanks for your time. Does anyone know of a good company I can buy a computer for audio from...

    I have a mouse, keyboard, monitor, ext.already. I am going to use the digi 002 rack

    I can get a g4 tower, around 700 mb ram, single processor 1.24 and cdr for around $1200
    but, if I can get a smokin PC for around the same or less already built..... that would be good to. any legit companys that have some options for that set up? thanks a bunch!

  2. TREV

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    sorry... BTW

    I am looking for one that is already put together. I prefer not to build it .. thanks

    mostly hip hop music and some guitar worlk for a friend.
  3. mjones4th

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    I don't know of any computer manufacturers in that price range. Carrilon may have a model around that price point. Why don't you want to build? You could put together a monster machine for that price, and what's even better, yu have total control over the parts.

  4. TREV

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    To be totaly honest.... I have no clue how to do it. I would have to have someone hold my hand threw out the whole process. from picking out the parts, then putting them together.

    I just didn't know if anyone specilized in this area. Sweetwater has some nice machines, but the price is sort of up there.. I think around 17 or 18 hundered dollars.

    I have read up on this topic, and I think I found a thread on a guy that builds them..... any other thoughts Thanks
  5. lambchop

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    There are a bunch of "How to ..." primers all over the net. I even think there might have been a thread in this forum at one time if you do a search. It's really simple, basically plug n' play for the most part. You can use Opus' (Gary) tweak guide once it's up and running.
  6. algorhythm

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    You don't mention where you're based. There's a company in Tucson called ZIPR Tech that builds custom PC's for all the L.A. composers. 520-721-4611. There are probably others too.
  7. Fozz

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    Williamsville, NY
    Home Page:

    If you want to consider building one yourself, and therefore do a little more research before making up your mind, do a search, here, for these words: building a pc daw

    You will find four topics titled "Building a DAW ---".

    Look at this topic as an example that lists the various components:
    (Dead Link Removed)

    There are a lot of others that you can find by searching on Asus, the motherboard, or Anus (don't ask!).

    You would use the above to guide you in making up your list of components that you could post here, to see if anyone has any comments, which is possible, because things are always changing.

    That will still leave configuration changes that you would want to make. A good starting point for that is:
  8. mjones4th

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    It is very easy, even for a first timer. I would be happy to offer my assistance to you offline. Send me a private message if you're interested.


    Or anyone else for that matter
  9. Omega21

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    I'd be willing to help as well if you'd e-mail is

    Built my DAW 2 or 3 different ways so far, my wife's 3 office machines, my step-son's game machine & spent some time working in Coldwater Creek's IS department. I'm a little new to the whole DAW specific concept, but don't have much trouble putting machines together..

    Anyway, I'm here.
  10. mjones4th

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    My creds are similar to yours.

    I've built and upgraded dozens of PCs for family, friends and coworkers, and a couple for profit.

    I have built a PC to use as a DAW, but I never really used it as such, only slightly (my main DAW is a Mac), so I ended up giving it to my nephews.

    I'm currently doing IT/knowledge management and database support for the FAA, so I live breathe and fart computers.
  11. pandamonkey

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    On the more expensive end of things, INTA makes good units (I've read). There is a new PC in their line that looks very cool called the "Audio SOS Workstation".. Check it out..

    Some of those "mini/cube esqe" machines on the market these days seem pretty cool..
    Compact Systems makes one for about your price. There's another unit called the Shuttle XPC that has been quite marketed and I've read is also a pretty good unit for a number of reasons.
    Check out the Carillon Systems.. These are very cool rack mounted machines that are set up for audio from the factory. ( They have a variety of options and will customize your PC to suit a specific software platform if you choose.
    Finally, if you want a laptop, there are a number of good units on the market but the "Centrino" line just out these days has caught my eye as I am in the market. (Someone comment on the Centrino if you can add anything...!)
    Best regards,
  12. Omega21

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    I'm currently doing IT/knowledge management and database support for the FAA, so I live breathe and fart computers.

    Cool! Can you fart me up some high quality ram? If so, I'll pay for the chilli & cabbage :D

  13. mjones4th

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    as my non-techie college roomate used to say: "I'll give you some RAM, right up the backside!"


    No seriously tho, we're in the process of chucking all our P3 for Dell Dimensionless P4s.

    So I can get my hands on gobs of 128MB PC100 sticks, but nothing better, I fear.
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  15. TREV

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  16. pandamonkey

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    Let us know what you decide... give us all the juicy details!!
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    This what i just bought for $1300. There are other models which are budget priced as well.

    deadlink removed

    Jason is a great guy to deal with.

  18. anonymous

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  19. If you're primarily using the computer for protools, get the G4 and save yourself some frustration. The folks that I know who've tried running PT on PC haven't generally had a smooth road getting it to work.
  20. pandamonkey

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    I have to disagree with the above comment about PC's and Protools. I just bought a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop and had Protools up and running with no effort at all. I previously used Protools on another PC and aside from the computer's own RAM/processor inabilities, I never had a problem there either. Protools on a PC has been an excellent experience for me.

    P.S. To be fair, I should add one complaint...
    PC owners have to download Protools after buying an Mbox. My laptop is for production purposes only and will not access the internet so I was forced to transfer Protools via my external HD from my other computer that has internet access. A little annoying but still, no problems if you can get over that one small detail! :)

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