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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Hydrowolftd, Feb 16, 2006.

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    im having a bit of a problem with my mixer and recording. my mixer outputs from the balanced xlr output and into my computers microphone jack. when i record, theres a a constant electric buzzing sound in my track. my phantom power is on.. and suggestions to eliminate this unwanted sound?
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    Apr 25, 2005

    Now you have to make sure where the sound from..either from your mixer of your recording setting.

    You need to check out..
    1)Check from the Headphone vollume before you do Recording
    2)Check From the Headphone WHEN you are in the Recording Mode!!

    Let me know after you check. ;)
  3. My suggestion is some common, basic troubleshooting skills.

    Here you go, and a-one...a-two...a-three...a-four...

    Set up your entire chain, bring your levels up and listen to the happy buzz. Now, begin at your source. I someone standing in front of a microphone going "buzzzzzzzzz"? If so, punch them and see if the buzz goes away. If it goes away, great.

    If that didn't work, unplug the microphone. Does the buzzing stop? If so, the mic is buzzy, or, possibly the mic cable. Use a different mic.

    If you use a different mic and it still buzzes, or, if the buzzing continues even if the mic is unplugged entirely suspect the mic cable. Unplug the cable from the mixer input and see if the buzzing stops. If it stops, replace or fix the mic cable.

    If you're still buzzing with nothing plugged into the mixer input, pull down the channel slider and see if the buzzing stops. If it stops, your problem is probably in the mixer. See if you got some ^#$%ed up gain settings or something causing you to pass unwanted noise to the outputs. Turn off all unused channels, use normal gain settings, don't use phantom unless you need it.

    Still buzzing after you pull down all the channel faders? Maybe the problem is in the mixer's output stage. Pull down the master faders and see if the problem goes away. If it does, well, your mixer might just be ^#$%ed up. Have a tech look at it.

    Does it still buzz after the master faders are down? Pull the output cable out of the mixer. Buzzing go away? If so, replace the mixer to PC cable. If not, suspect the PC itself. But just to make sure, pull the cable from the PC input as well to see if THAT stops it. If so, STILL replace the cable.

    If the PC itself is the problem, that is, the buzzing is there even with nothing plugged into it, check all your software gain/level settings to make sure you're not amplifying any unwanted sound card or other hardware noise. If you can't make it go away at this point, get a new audio interface because that one's crap.

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    Feb 23, 2005
    First off, plugging the XLR outs on a mixer to the "mic input" on a PC soundcard is not a good idea. Does the mixer have a switch on the XLR outs to go from "+4" to "-50"?. If so, switch it to the -50 setting. That's the level of a mic. If it's on +4, you're definitely overdriving the mic in on the PC. Doesn't your PC/sound card have a "line level" input? You will probably be better off using the 1/4" line level outs on the mixer to the line level in on the PC. I think your problem is that you are running an balanced XLR(2-conductors+ground) to an unbalanced (single conductor+ground) connector at the PC. Somewhere in your connection scheme is a screw-up. And don't run a line level signal into a mic input...ever!!!

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