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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by tofumusic, Sep 24, 2004.

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    I read that if you have a better mic pre than the ones in the 002 you can use the optical ins/outs so that you can bypass the pre in the 002. My question is this: What if I need my sampler to be in sync with my 002 (drums, etc)? Will I have to switch every time or is there a less complicated way than this?

    TIA and have a great weekend
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    May 25, 2004
    Hi tofumusic,
    do not worry to much. The 002 pres and converters are plenty good for most uses. You will have to go a long way with a good artist, a good room to record in, the right mic and the right mic placement before the pres and a/d in 002 is a limiting factor for the quality.

    Of course, once you have an artist that sells records and a microphone that in itself costs more than the 002 and all the other stuff, then it is definetely a good idea for you to use your own ears. Listen to some of the very good mic pres and converters on the market and compare using your own judgement. People has been surprised before listening with their own ears.

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    The general consensus is that the pres in the 002 (while better than those in the 001) still leave much to be desired. I personally don't care at all for mic pres that are electronically, instead of transformer balanced (even well done ones). I like the sound of the iron. The difference a good mic pre makes can be astounding ... Even with cheap mics, good pres are the fastest / easiest way to upgrade your sound. IMO, nothing else (even the best converters) can make as much difference. Great converters do no good if you are running crap into them. All you get is (well converted) digiital crap. Garbage in / garbage out ... converters are not "goodu-lators".

    Looking at an 002 interface, it appears there are inserts on the first 4 channels. You can bring a better pre into those channels through the insert returns. I also see 4 line inputs on the (5 through 8 channels) ... you may use these as well.

    If you want to use the 9 through 16 inputs (on the lightpipe) and you are running your sampler into the optical lightpipe in on the 002, the answer to your question is .... Yes, you have to switch it around every time ... You will also have to go out a buy an external 8 channel a to d converter with lightpipe protocol to bring a nice pre into the 002 via the optical input. The advantage to that is you can use better converters than the 002 offers as well as a better pre amp.

    The up side is you would then have a 16 in system.

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