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    I am trying to wire my brothers cabinet so it is 4ohm mono. It has 4x12 16ohm speakers.

    Once I have all the speakers wired in parallel, I will have 1 wire that is pos and another that is neg. My problem is figuring out what to do with them. The rear panel of the cab has four wires: 1-ohm selector, 2-out, 3-in(left), 4-in(right). He is currently plugged into the left in of the cab. Which of these four wires do I use? And what do I do with the remaining?

    The amp was wired this way but kept shutting off. The four speakrs were paired off, and the negs and pos of each pair were connected, then it had 1- going to a neg of a speaker, 2- to a positve, 3- to a pos, and 4- to a neg, all seperate speakers. I really don't think this was correct. or am I wrong?
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    You should probably spend some time understanding the theory behind all this first. Try this site:
    After that you can google for more in depth info.

    You say the amp "shut" itself off? Does it have some kind of protection circuitry? What about bringing the gear to some repair shop instead of messing with it yourself? That might be safer.
  3. BlackDemon

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    I understand that inorder to get 4ohms the 4 16ohm speakers need to be wired in parallel, I've done plenty of car audio setups over the years and know how to do this.

    But once I have them wired that way, I need to know which input( the left and right) is pos and which is neg.

    Then I need to know what to do with the ohm selector wire, and the output wire.
  4. BlackDemon

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    Originally the speakers were wired parallel in pairs, and the cabinet has an ohm selector switch. In the 1 pos it is 16ohm stereo, the other is 8ohm stereo/4ohm mono. Using one set of speaker wires to connect the head to the cabinet, the left input. I would think that the speakers would need to be connected somehow in order to get all 4 in mono.

    I can wire the speakers back to this way, but I'm still in the dark on what to do with the rear panel inside wires. When my brother took the back off the cabinet those four wires came loose.

    I did every possible sequence with these four wires and wound up putting the inputs on the pos of two seperate speakers, the ohm switch wire on a speakers neg, and the output on another speakers neg. But the amp still gets too hot too quick and either loses volume or cuts off and back on. So the wiring must be incorrect.
  5. BlackDemon

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    According to the owners manual I found online, the speakers are going to stay the way the were originally. However, I still need to know where the 4 inside rear panel wires go?

    Heres the outside of the rear panel, each numbered selector or jack has it's own wire on the inside.

  6. frob

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    Apr 23, 2004
    if you can still wire the cab speackers back the way they where then wir ethe switch so that is shorts the cab from sterio to mono or so that all the speackers are in parallel in one position and in the other position two of the speackers are in two sets of parralel. if you dont know what im talking about then try to draw a schematic of what you want to do before you do it.

    as for the amp turning it self off. what type of amp is it some digital amps will do this if there is a problem with the power suply in which case donot touch any thing and take it in to a reapair shop as manny power suplys can kill you if your not carfull. but then agien i dont even know what type of amp it is.
  7. BlackDemon

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    The Amp is a Crate GX600H, I shouldn't have used the words shuts off, it's more of a quick cut off. Initially we thought it was the cables he was using from his guitar to the in of the amp. After having the amp looked at by his teacher he believes it was because he was using the wrong cables to connect the amp to the cabinet. And it was overheating. Now he is using a speaker cable. But before my brother got the new cable he decided to open the back of the cabinet and in the process all four wires coming off the rear panel inside the cab came loose. He wasn't able to see where they were going. The speakers were wired in pairs in parallel, so I'm assuming thats the way it was originally. But I don't see how you would be able to get all 4 to work in mono, unless they are all hooked together somehow. The cabinet has an ohm selector on back, inside this is the yellow wire. I would like to hook the speakers up, and be able to use the ohm selector switch to go from 16ohm stereo, to 8ohm stereo/4ohm mono, by switching what jack we plug into according to the manual in my last post.

    How would I wire the speakers?
    Then where would the four inside rear panel wires go?
  8. elektro80

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    If you do something wrong here you just might kill the amp or something else. I recommend you taking this one over to a repair shop ASAP. By itself, the wiring of the drivers is not that complicated at all, but this is a product I don´t know and this is why there are repair shops. I tend to belive from what you have told us already that there is something else wrong with this device as well. This might not just be a matter of a some loose wires at the back.
  9. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    How do you know they are 16 ohm drivers ?

    Use a simple 1.5 volt AA battery to identify pos and neg terminals.
    Generally pos to pos on battery will make the speaker go OUT of the bastket.

    Not ALL speakers are like this.
    I can expand on this later if required
  10. BlackDemon

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    The speakers say 16ohm on the magnet. Wiring the speakers is not my problem. They are going to be wired in series/parallell in order to use the function of the ohm selector switch.

    My problem, which no one has been able to answer, and I don't know if I can explain it any easier is... Once I have the speakers wired I will end up with four wires 2 pos and 2 neg. Those four wires need to be connected to the four wires coming off the inside of the rear panel. Rear panel wires: 1-ohm selector(yellow wire), 2- output jack (blue wire), 3- left input jack(black wire), and 4- right input jack(red wire).

    Which wire goes to which wire, thats what I need to know!!

    HOW BOUT THEM EAGLES, YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Aug 21, 2004
    Quakertown PA
    I wish I could answer your question but I'm just not that familiar with the Crate stuff. The only things I can suggest is to email Crate for a schematic for that cab or try googling the cabs part number for the same.

    Good Luck, GO BIRDS!
  12. BlackDemon

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    Crates response: This cab should have a stereo jackplate on the back with a 4 pin connector going to the speakers. The wire colors should be red, black, yellow, blue. The red & black will go to left top speaker, red is + black is - Connect two jumper wires from that same top speaker to the speaker right below it. Positive to positive, negitive to negitive. The yellow & blue will go to the right top speaker, blue is + yellow is - Take the other two jumpers and connect them to the speaker right below it. Positive to positive, negitive to negitive. That should do it.

    I'm all set!!!!

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