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Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by markrpaulson, Oct 2, 2001.

  1. markrpaulson

    markrpaulson Guest

    It's high time I started making my own cables. Most of what I need is going to be very short run, semi-permenant XLR cables. I'll get Neutrik connectors, but would appreciate advice on what would be a good, reasonably priced cable. Also, could anyone suggest where I should make these purchases, as I am pretty in the dark when it comes to component retailers. Thanks a lot-
  2. markrpaulson

    markrpaulson Guest

    For the record, I"ll probably go ahead with Mogami 2549. I'd still like to know where you guys go for this stuff. Thanks-
  3. SlideMan

    SlideMan Guest

    For Neutrik parts I would suggest Full Compass in Madison WI 800-356-5844.

    Still looking for an RO member that sell parts.

    Jeff Roberts
    Minnesota Soldering Guy
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