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    I have heard reviews here and there that the cables you use don't really make a difference, or that make so slight of a difference that you can't really tell and its not worth the money. anyway lets hear it from you!

    I got some cheap Xlr's and quarters, and have wondered if I should look into some of the Monsters,Studio1000, fender etc. to get a better conductor(Silver/ gold) iso/sheathing etc.

    views advice needed
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    May 25, 2005
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    cables are like everything else in your tool pouch...they definitely make a difference.

    It sounds like you're talking about instruments cables and I will vouch for Mogami Gold Series instrument cable any day of the week and twice on sundays.

    They quiet my single coils tremendously and provide the least resistence between my Fender pickups and whatever I'm plugged into that day.

    As far as interconnects and mic cables I use all Mogami wire (silver series). The difference is a vast difference from what you hear from a Pro Co or Horizon, (low end, etc.). The better quality the cable is, the less resistence you find in the flow of electrons which directly translates to Less White Noise. You'll hear more transparency in your signal, more focus, more air, more transients, and so forth and so on.

    Other folks use other quality cable like Canare or Monster and I would choose Canare over Monster any day. But I love my Mogami wire.

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