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    hi everyone,

    im havin trouble deciding on some things here, and as im not really experient with voltage or amperes or bits or whatever, im afraid the gear im projecting for the near future might blow itself up cause im makin some rookie mistake..

    if you guys could be so cool as to give me a little input on this, u would be saving a fella from blowing his own setup up and allowing him to keep on makin music..
    here's the setup:

    M-Audio DMP3 ----- into ------> Yamaha Rev 500 ------- into -------> Fostex MR8

    thats im worried about several things...mainly: voltage, amperes, khz and bits, balanced or unbalanced cabling needed (very confused about this), the fostex only records at 16 bit, will it take a reverb unit recordin at 24? these kind of in total ignorancy are the specs for each unit:

    M-Audio DMP3

    2-channel mic/instrument preamp

    XLR mic ins; 1/4” instrument ins; balanced 1/4” outs

    high 66dB available gain

    48V phantom power

    20Hz to 80kHz frequency response

    2 independent preamp channels, each featuring:
    - mic input (balanced XLR)
    - high impedance instrument inputs (1/4”)
    - high and low gain range controls for up to 66dB of gain
    - VU meter and clip LED to aid in optimizing levels
    - low-cut filters for removing unwanted rumble and hum
    - gain control
    - phase reverse switch
    - professional line output (balanced/unbalanced 1/4” TRS)

    +48V phantom power

    frequency response: 20Hz-80kHz, +/-0.5dB @ max gain

    signal-to-noise ratio: 116.3dB

    THD: 0.05% @ minimum gain

    max input: +13.7dBu

    max output: +27.5dBu

    input impedance: 3K ohms balanced

    EIN: -128dBm @ 600-ohms

    gain range: 13.5dB to 46.5dB (low gain range)
    34.5dB to 67.5 dB (high gain range)

    low-cut filter: -3dB @ 72Hz

    Yamaha REV 500

    Audio Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (+1, -2dB);
    Dynamic Range: 96dB typical, greater than 90dB;
    Noise Level: Less than -72dB (IHF-A Filter);
    THD: Less than 0.03% (1kHz @max. level, CD 20kHz LPF filter)
    AD/DA Conversion AD: 20-bit, 64-times oversampling; DA: 20-bit 8-times oversampling; Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
    Rear Panel Connectors: INPUT L/R (XLR x 2, phone jack x 2), OUTPUT L/R (XLR x 2, phonejack x 2), FOOT SWITCH (phone jack), MIDI IN, MIDI OUT,(5-pin DIN x 2);
    Switches: INPUT LEVEL (+4/-10 Db), OUTPUT LEVEL (+4/-10 Db)
    Power Requirements 120 V, 60 Hz, 15 W
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 480 x 227.9 x 45 mm (18.9" x 9" x 1.8")
    Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lb.)

    Fostex MR8

    Recording Medium : Compact Flash Card
    Recording Time : approx. 25 track-minutes (128MB) Normal mode
    Recording Format : FAT16 (VFAT)
    Sampling Frequency : 44.1 kHz (Normal Mode), 22.05 kHz (Extended Mode)
    Quantization : 16-bit linear (non-compression)
    A/D Converter : 16-bit Delta-Sigma
    D/A Converter : 16-bit Delta-Sigma
    No. of Recording Track : 8 tracks. maximum 2 tracks simultaneous recording)
    Recording/Reproduction Frequency : 20 Hz - 20 kHz (Normal Mode)
    Dynamic Range : 88dB or more (typical)
    T.H.D. : 0.05% or less (typical)

    Analog In (2ch)
    Connector : XLR-3-31 type (Pin2:hot) and Ø6mm TRS phone
    Input Level : -40dBV (MIC) - +10dBV (LINE)
    Input Impedance : 10K ohm or more
    Stereo Out (L, R)
    Connector : Ø6mm stereo phone
    Output Level : -10dBV (unbalance)
    Load Impedance : 16 ohm or more
    Connector : 2 x Ø6mm stereo phone
    Max. Output : 20mW or more (@32 ohm)
    Load Impedance : 16 ohm or more
    MIDI Out
    Connector : DIN 5 pin
    Format : MIDI Standard
    Foot Switch
    Connector : Ø6mm phone
    Level : TTL level
    Digital Out
    Connector : Optical
    Format : IEC 60958 (S/P DIF) 44.1kHz (Normal Mode only)
    Connector : B type (data save/load controlled from PC)

    ok thats it...will this work? and if so, what do i have to do in order to make it work...

    tanx in advance and i apologize in advance for the long and somewhat demanding post.

    tanx everyone.

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