Cabling from MG10/2 to Emu 0404

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by davepear, Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. davepear

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    New poster here. I have a Yamaha MG10/2 I'm using as the front end to an Emu 0404 card. Kind of wondering if any of you gurus out there have an idea of how to cable from the mixer to the card. I'm using the mixer as a monitor from the PC (running Sonar 3) to eliminate latency (though the 0404 is scads better in this regard than my previous SB Live! 5.1, esp using ASIO). I tried doing the old 'one click in the insert jack' direct out trick which works fine; going from the L/R outs won't allow me to use the mixer to monitor recordings. So is the insert trick the best way? Will I get wrapped around the axle if I mess with panning going into the Left input on the card? I don't think I need to pan left to do this- just leave it center. What kind of cable- TRS? How about brand? I'll also run the record out cable away from the monitor and mixer power cables (down the side of my computer desk).

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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