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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by took-the-red-pill, May 18, 2005.

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    Hey folks,

    Just wondering if anyobdy has any wild stories about things that happened to you while recording, mixing, etc. You know, those ones that start, "I remember this one time..."

    Maybe to keep it relevant, let us know what you learned from said incident. Who knows, somebody might benefit.

    Happy posting
  2. Marcus Black

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    This didn't happen to me, it's a classic but true story about a very famous artist in a small country in northern Europe:

    It's mid-80's and the artist and his band have just completed a session and they're making tape-copies for the bandmembers to bring home for listening. The star and bandleader is asked "You want dolby noise reduction ?" and answers "well, blend it in just a little..."
  3. You said campfire stories and it reminded me of a gig I did running off of power inverters and draining batteries in cars...

    Anyway, I was recording a campfire jam, and the campfire got a little out of hand. No mics were lost, and one member of the band twisted his ankle while running. We learned how dumb one of the guys was (who happens to be a drummer, no offense drummers, but in 99% of the bands I've worked with they've had the lowest IQ's... about half of the next member up....) and decided to add some "sweet smelling wood" to the fire (CEDAR). You know what I learned? NEVER LEAVE A DRUMMER SEARCHING FOR FIREWOOD UNATTENDED!
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