Can an amplifier be used as a preamp and plugged into a mixer?

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    While I'm fairly comfortable on the playing end of things, I know nothing at all about recording. I was given a BOSS BR-900CD as a gift, and am attempting to make some use of it right now. I also got a Fishman Loudbox Mini (acoustic amplifier) for Christmas, and it has an external speaker jack.

    My question:

    Since the Fishman Loudbox Mini has an external speaker jack, could I run a line from that into my BOSS? I tried to myself and was getting a lot of static/noise. I tested everything (the amp, XLR cable, and BOSS) and none of them seemed to have individual problems.

    If there's anything I can do in order to use my amplifier as a preamp for acoustic guitar, I'd be overjoyed. I appreciate any responses!

    Thanks, Max
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    From checking out the manual for the Fishman Loudbox Mini, the Mix D.I. output is post-EQ and pre-amplifier so it can be plugged directly into a D.I. box and to a console or an external preamp, but will not act as a preamp. See page #10 of your manual: the diagram shows the output before the master gain so in essence, it's like a "thru output" except it will be affected by the amps digital effects.

    Nice Roland unit. Maybe it has a built-in preamp?
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    Speaker jack? NO! Don't do that. Since there seems to be no extra "external speaker" jack on that, are you unplugging the existing speaker, and running that output into the Boss? NO! Don't do that. You're running a greatly amplified signal into an input meant for a low level, and you'll likely blow something up.

    You could, however, simply run a mic cable from the XLR MIX D.I. output into an XLR input of the Boss. Apparently, that's post EQ/effects/etc., and pre-amplifier, so all your effects and EQ settings would go out of that, and the Boss' XLR mic input would preamp it to the proper level for recording.

    NEVER run any (unmodified) speaker output into any input of any amplifier, mixer, effects, recording device, etc!

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    Thanks a ton for the responses guys, I learned quite a bit in two posts!

    I suppose I can use the Boss's onboard preamp, although I'd hoped that I'd be able to use the Fishman as a preamp because of the great-sounding reverb and chorus effects. Oh well, I'll definitely make due with what I know I can use.

    Much appreciated,
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    You can use the effects fom the Fishman. Just plug a mic cable from the Fishman XLR out into one of the XLR mic inputs of the Boss.


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