Can anyone help an old musician with this PC recording s

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by MTZindler, Jan 15, 2002.

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    I recently decided to try digital/PC recording and cannot quite get my system working properly. These are the items I have set up now. Sony VAIO PCV-RX-540(1.2ghz celeron, 256ram) with an additional Maxtor 7200rpm 80 gig hard drive added for the audio. OS is Windows XP. I am using a Tascam US-428 for the audio/midi interface. The software is the bundled Cubasis that comes with the US-428. The problem is while playing back recorded tracks of audio I am experiencing 'glitches' 'pops' or something resembling a cd skipping. I have tried shuting down all possible applications that maybe running - took out the modem - disabled all other hardware not in use - all with no luck. If any of you can help I will greatly appreciate it, and please feel free to email me direct if you need any further info to help me along.
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    Apr 7, 2001
    Dang....I guess it's time to turly get that XP optimization document going!! $*^t...when do I have the time these days!! lol
    Well...XP is quite a mess of things to be done to get it to work properly. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all the latest updates from Microsloth! There are a couple key updates that help with USB audio devices. One is the Messenger update and the other I cant quite recall...the best thing to do is do ALL the updates!! they put them there for a reason.
    Next thing to do is turn off all graphics crap. You shold look into the post here which I believe is now on the second page of this forum. I'll bump it up so that it's here on the first page. It has a link to someone from the Nuendo forum who put a list of things to do.
    Otherwise I'll soon post the XP doc link here and on the Tascam forums.
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    Thanks for the links on the XP tuning - I'll get to work on those. I forgot to ask the question about software. The bundled version of the Cubasis with the US-428 doesn't allow more than one track of audio at a time. Should I go with the full version of Cubasis or is there better? I will be recording more audio than anything else, but I would also like to be able to use some synth sounds from the PC and also effects and editing. I really like using the 428 as a controller - are there other softwares that this would work with?

    Thanks Opus
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    Apr 7, 2001
    Sure...the 428 works with Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar/Cakewalk...
    the bundled version does record two tracks at a time and there is a little work around to getting it to record 4 at a time even...but I do reccomend upgrading to the full version of Cubase if you can! I think you can still get half off the full version when you trade in your bundled version of Cubasis!!
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    Oct 7, 2001
    Hey MTZindler!

    I am in a very similar boat. I am an "old muscian" too who took up this home recording thingie about 6 months ago. I have always been the guy standing in the iso booth with the mic in my mouth or my guitar on my shoulder waiting "patiently" while some guy who is charging us $65/hour sits there and fittles with the knobs!

    I finally decided that I wanted to be able to control my own destiny for my demo work and for "project work". Now, I've got the bug, and spend tons of time behind the console!

    I understand the learning curve is high, but that is part of the fun! This is a good place to hang will learn a lot from just reading some the threads here, plus, when you have a specific question, you can post it here.

    I have also found out that reading magazines and books helps as well. The problem that I have found with books is that they are outdated before they are released! But find one that describes the basics since that kind of stuff never changes.

    Good Mags for beginners:


    Computer Music (my favorite):

    Sound on Sound:

    Also, there are lots of great web sites (you found this one!!!), here are a few of my favs:

    Link removed

    There are lots of others, but this should get you started.

    I also agree with Opus here...go with the full version of the software that you are going to use, for example go with Cubase rather than Cubasis...down the road in a couple of months, you always end up needing more than you think you do now, and it is always better to not have to buy twice!!! Do it right the first time!!! You might be sorry later if you don't!!!

    I started using my existing laptop from work with Cakewalk Home Studio, switched to Cubase, bought the TASCAM US-428, etc. I kept finding out that I was outgrowing everything I bought! I now have a dedicated computer tower, tons of software plug-ins and mastering stuff, mic pres, mixers...the list goes on and on!!! :)

    The hardest part for me is the mastering. I felt that as a long-time performing muscian, I knew how to mix and EQ, and this stuff would be a piece of cake! Well, I found out that mixing and EQ'ing for live sound is *much* different that mixing and EQ'ing for recording! Then when you are done with that part, you need to master it...and that is the voodoo part that the recording studios always did without us muscians around, and I guess I never really understood. The quote I most often hear about mastering is that it takes "ears and years" to get it right! I learn from every mix, and find myself going back to older mixes and and trying to fix them since they sound like crap compared to the newer ones!!! I am finding out that this is an endless loop however, you will never be satisfied with the work you have done, even one month ago, and at some point, you have to call it "done"! This is the same philosophy that we all have to adopt when writing a some point, call it "done" and move on! It is a tough thing to do however as we all know!

    Anyway, good luck figuring all this stuff out!!! It is as much fun learning it all as it is doing it!!! Enjoy the ride!!!

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    Thanks for all the great advice/info. In addition to my PC based system, I have been thinking of getting a small portable digital recorder only for times when I am traveling and want to record. Are there inexpensive (4-8 tracks) portables that will record with the same quality as my PC. Also, is the transfer of the audio from the portable to the PC an easy process or is this just not a good idea period?

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