can anyone help me pick a good laptop for recording?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by okkkkkk, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. okkkkkk

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    i really need help on deciding which laptop or whatever to choose. im willing to spend about 1500 and i just want to pick the right one. i know apple is supposed to be good and all but software supposed to be hard to come by. im also into the new sony vaios i think its 60gigs and 512mb. could someone help me out? thnx lots
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    hmmm... you need to spend more guy... you can get away with using a powerbook g4 loaded with ram, but for that cost... i got a alienware 7700, p4 3.2, 2gb ddr2, dual 7200 60gb drives...

    you really should try and find something similar if you want to use it for a bit... it cost like $3300

    if not, go desktop... lots cheaper
  3. fontane

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    btw - why do you need a mobile recording station? you can always get a desktop and a masterlink? that could be possible...
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    Feb 10, 2001
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    only a few threads down on the page!

  5. kingfrog

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    Mar 5, 2005
    You do not need to spend more DEPENDING ON WHAT YOUR EXPECTATIONS ARE.

    I do not nor have ever bought on the bleeding edge...but I replace my computers every three years. I bought a refurbished Dell 8600 a year ago. It was not the big boy with 1.6Mhz and the UXXGAA II screen and the Latest video. But i Did save $1000 and can now if I choose buy another refurb Dell more advanced than those who paid the extra $1000 a year ago.......

    That said I run plenty 18 tracls on a $1100 Dell Pentium M 1.4 on a 5400RPM drive with 512 K....with external 7200 USB HD.
    I even ran softsynths on this thing. I use it exclusivly when Im on the road much like an old Portastudio excpt I do get more than 8 tracks. That was my expectation and it is exceeded that.

    I also have a Sony Viao TR2 with me 1ghz Pentium M 512 4200 and even it will run Sonar 4 and at least 8 tracks.

    This is my take on buying computers. Don't buy for the future in the case of computers. (Buy the "sweet spot").......The cost is way to high to buy the best and the SW is behind anyway,,,, and the future is next month in that is really the software you are buying and fortunatly software comanies cater to those who are still living in the past .....Therfore you can buy in a mid range or sweet spot and get the benifits of both worlds more economically. Buy on the bleeding edge you die on the bleeding edge 6 months later and you are still paying for it.

    Read ADK's note of this. It is good and will steer you in the right direction.

    Im a cheap basturd (retire early anyone?) I buy refrub when possible (MY Dell) and only want to pay for the meat...not the bones, fat or packaging to do what I want to do Today......and I build my own desktops.

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