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    Aight im havin problems findin information on this i want to make a vocal booth i can record in but i get loud when i record i just want it so i can be loud but not be loud enough ta piss any of my neigbours off..i want to be able to record and not worry about weather im too loud or if the landlord gonna give me $*^t ya feel me ? holla if u got some knoledge you can throw at me..
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    Well Eq wise you need to know how to leave room fordiferent instuments if you eq a guitar really low and the bass too you are gonna hear those 2 together very close so you need to givethem more room like guitars mid high, bass mid low. so that you can listen to them separetly.I usually dont post EQ after recordings unless the mix sounds weird. like the bass sounds way higher than the kickdrum or stuff like that. also contructive waves and frequencies might give you some trouble some freq kinda dont like others creating clicks or noises. taking those out need more practice and a more trained ear. but just dont EQ too much make it sound real.
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    May 11, 2006
    $ .02

    ok so your looking to treat your room??? right?? well there's basically two things to do or two different problems i guess would be more accurate... first inside the room... this basically stresses controlling(but not necessarily eliminating) the reflections within the room... in otherwords deadening the thing but not so much that you kill the entire vibe... and in some cases actually increasing the echo but making sure it splatters around the room and uses whats called diffusors... cool?? aight?? the second problem(and what you would be more interested in not bumpping up on the landlord) is transmision... in otherwords not going through the wall... and hate to tell ya bro but that's way harder to do... you see it takes mass to stop the sound forinstance 6" of concrete aint gonna stop as much as 12" got me??? that's why its not unusuall for instance to build a room within a room... since the walls dont touch vibrating one doesn't vibrate the other dig?? so i guess the answer is there's no easy answer to keeping the landlord out.... sorry....

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