Can i make this work with a behringer UB802?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Patrick Smith, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. I have behringer ub802, a mic, a computer with several ins and outs, and a mp3 player(laptop). I thought i had it all figured out before i bought it but i didnt ha. I plugged in the following:

    Mic = Input 1
    Computer out = Stereo3/4
    Laptop out = Stereo 5/6
    Speakers = Main out
    Computer in = Fx Send
    I want to be able to to talk on skype and adjust the volume of my computer and or laptop going to my speakers and or input on the computer with my mixer. I was under the impression that i could leave the mic level at zero and send it with fx send. But the it only sends to the computer input if i turn the level on ch1 up as well as the fx send up

    Is there a way i can accomplish my set goals or am i asking too much out of this mixer?
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    You can do what you want if you had a gain control for the mic input and a separate gain control (rotary or slider whatever) for the whole stick and the FX is rotary is also PRE FADER. Then you would adjust the mic for gain and leave the bottom control at zero.

    The manual for the UB802 states specifically however that your FX send is POST FADER meaning that you cannot do what you wish.

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