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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by topdog, May 14, 2008.

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    Hi peeps..

    This is what I'm trying to do. My main job is to capture live audio recordings. I was going to an audio mixer like this one , but now i'm thinking, can I get a software that can perform the same function of that equipment???

    What I'm trying to do is capture/record sound using 2 wireless mics. So the original plan was to connect the wireless mics to their receiver, then the receiver connects to the M-Audio mixer above, which then connects to a laptop that has an audio recording software installed. But now I'm thinking I can bypass the audio mixer (hardware) and get a PC based audio mixer software, say something like this or or like this for instance. Will this work?

    Thank you.
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    What are you trying to mix?
    Are you feeding a PA?
    Are you hoping to mix during recording to avoid production time? Do you need a mixer at all? Can you just record the two signals into the left and right channels of a stereo input?
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    First of all, the Mobile Pre is not a mixer, it is simply an audio interface. You cannot do without this or some other interface if you want any decent quality.

    Secondly, Mixpad software is fine but for the price, I would consider Reaper. Not for any other reason than support. They have a large and growing community and if you need some help, there will likely be someone there that can guide you.

    If however you are mainly dealing with dialogue, Audacity will work perfectly well for you. and it's free.
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    pardon the 'sillyness' of this answer, for I am as new to audio as they come. But I thought the job of the mixer was to 'mix' sounds coming from various/multiple sources. Therefore, I was thinking I'd have to 'mix' the sounds coming from the 2 or more mics I'll be using. Hope that makes sense.

    No!. The main (and perhaps only) idea behind this all is to record the audio. The discussion will take place in a small enough space and the audience can hear the speaker without the aid of speakers.

    No! The only other work that will be done on this captured audio is to edit it for noise.

    Well I honestly don't know, and these are the things I'm hoping to learn here. My readings so far indicated that I needed a mixer to do what I want to do. So do I? given what you understand by what I want to do

    And as for recording the two signals into the left and right channels of a stereo input? this is where my 'newbieness' hurts. I'm not totally sure I'd know how to record to the left and right channels.

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    As far as I can tell, what you need to do is this:

    1. Get yourself an interface that can record 2 channels at a time to get the audio into your laptop. You could go firewire or probably USB in your case. There are lots of options out there, just do a search for audio interface on a site like sweetwater or something. I personally don't think you need a mixer at all for this application.

    2. Get a program like Reaper or Audacity to record into.

    3. Hook up your two mics to the two mic inputs of the audio interface you choose. Then in your recording program of choice select track 1 to record one mic, and track 2 to record the other.

    4. Make sure everything is on, your mics have power if need be, your two tracks are armed, and hit record. Done.

    Hope that makes sense.

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