Can I use an ADAT as a 8 channel A to D convertor?

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    DGSTUDIO Guest

    I have a MOTU 828 and an ADAT XT. I am able to record 16 channels at once by using ADAT optical input to the MOTU 828, but only by playing an ADAT tape. I would like to use the ADAT analog inputs and optical output into the 828. I have not been able to find a way to make the ADAT put the 8 analog inputs out the digital output. Seems like if I push the right buttons, this should work.
  2. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    it was a long time ago

    with a tape loaded and the inputs in record ready
    there should be digital output on the lightpipe

    I'd use two lightpipes and have the XT in slave mode to chase the MOTU clock
    do set the ADAT to the same session settings to help things out
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    Mar 19, 2003
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    Why not stay 24bit with something like this...

  4. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    What I don't like about that one is ... that it is only ADAT output

    The B ADA80000 has both ADAT in and out
    this allows it to chase the incoming clock from the host system

    It is cheap and it has both Mic and instrument capability
    and rack mountable

    I have and use the Alesis Ai3 AND the B ADA80000 on my 001 and HD/96IO systems

    they are ok

    yes there is better out there

    DGSTUDIO Guest

    You mean if I do this it will be 16 bit? Maybe I gave the wrong ADAT model. It is a silver face. I think it is 20 bit.

    DGSTUDIO Guest

    I finally got around to trying this again. It does pass the analog inputs to optical out in record ready. Seems so simple. I thought I had tried that before. Thanks for the help.

    I'm going to do a remote live recording. I want to run the ADAT and MOTU 828 at the same time. Both of them recording the same 8 channels. I will also use the ADAT as a converter when I need more than 8 channels at one time.

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