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  1. I just recorded a Howie Day Cover (Collide) and was wondering if anybody knew of a free uploading site so I can get it up for you guys to listen to and critique to death hehe... I'll get my original stuff up to but I'm hesitant to do that for copywrite purposes... do you think it would be a problem? thanx again guys!
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    It would be illegal to upload someone else's copywritten work.

    Twice as illegal if you recorded a cover of it without obtaining a mechanical license.
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    BEAT........hate bacon
  4. Cash

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    Nah, it isnt illegal to record a cover of something as long as you dont benefit from it money-wise.
  5. ambivilant

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    Is it relevant that Howie Day has an open taping policy for his shows?

    He's not one of the more hostile people to copying of his work, I'd say.

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