can it be a remix? legal definition of a remix?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by julian2003, Sep 30, 2007.

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    hi all,
    hope you can help me with an issue of mine...
    i'm working on the musical project of mine (not alone) for more than 2 years, an instrumental electronic music project (not trance).
    we finished writing the composition and recorded demo versions for all songs, found a good english mixer to work with and we're started to record the master.

    now there's a guy we meet recently, that played around with our demo versions and it looks like he could do some really nice dance-remix for it and we wanna get him to do so.

    the problem is we don't know if this could be defined as a remix, since the master if not finished, and not released anywhere.

    so is there any legal definition of a remix? and if this situation doesn't fit, what is the legal definition of what this guy is going for us?
    we wanna close a contract with him on a fix price (work-for-hire) and we don't wanna define things the wrong way and get scre_ed later on...

    hope you can help,

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