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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by DarkAngel, Aug 23, 2004.

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    ASIO to a recording/audio newbie?
    I Googled it and couldnt find anything, and im sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum to post this in.
    What I know so far (which could be totally wrong), its a good thing because it reduces pops and clics caused by audio equipment (which bits?) because of a buffer (where?) and there are so many miliseconds delay (because of what? and where is this what?)

    Thanks loads,
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    I THINK >>>> AISO is a monitoring protocol to eleminate latency in monitoring while tracking. Pops and clicks are caused by clocking errors ... and have nothing to do with AISO as far as I am aware of.

    I have to admit I am not fully versed in this subject however. I think this question would be better answered by the guys in the DAW or Digital Audio forums. I'm gonna send it over there...
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    ASIO (Audio Streaming Input Output) is something originally developed by Steinberg. It allows for hardware that has these drivers written for it to more effeciently communicate with your DAW software, thus eliminating most (you hope) latentcy.
    The delay time or the latentcy time will depend on the buffer set and also on system speed, also to a lesser degree HDD speed. The better ASIO drivers on more reputable hardware will also allow for reduced latentcy times. The buffer (I think from memory) is in your RAM.
    Lower buffer setting's like 128 (samples), will allow for lower latentcy times. But the price you pay for this might be in the fact that you might get overload messages or pops/clicks because the ASIO driver cannot stream anymore audio. This setting is good for recording vocals or piano and guitar when you don't want to hear a delay in what your monitoring. Using settings like 512 or 1024 (samples) will be of more benefit when mixing down with lots of PlugIns going all at once, this will have higher latency and maybe an audible delay if overdubbing.
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    try this link

    should help explain a lot ,,


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