Can the Fostex D2424LV Link DIRECTLY TO ADAT SYNC?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by johnpauljonesgrp, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. I am trying to find out if the FOSTEX D2424LV will link to the 9pin ADAT synch so that I can hook it up to my Frontier Designs Sound Cards, ADAT sync as you all know is extremely reliable time code.
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    I'm not at my studio/storage area right now (where my 2424 lives when not out on gigs),so I can't check on the manual or the unit itself.

    But I CAN tell you I use the ADAT Outs all the time (along with the word clock/sync BNC connector) when copying tracks out to my MOTU 896 interface's ADAT input. The 2424 is the "Master" word clock and I copy 8 tracks at a time when transferring tracks out of it to HD to work on them in my studio/Sequoia rig.

    Not sure if that's what you're looking to do, but again, I'll check it more detail on Monday when I'm back to work.

    I don't see it mentioned all the much anymore; it's a great box for what it does, (in my case it's my backup system; a live multitrack recorder for on the fly) but I wish Fostex had taken a step further with it before essentially giving up on it.

    The drives write a proprietary format, and one can't just swap them out to a Windows or MAC machine. :evil:

    Add to that the fact that the "optional" network card for it is way too expensive, IMHO, and required shipping to an authorized dealer to install it, and then after all that, it's really not very fast - certainly not fast enough to transfer 10-20 gigs worth of live recorded material to a workstation on a network. (Which is what I'd initially hoped to do.) For the cost of doing all that, I was halfway to another system.

    I've had tons of trouble real-time formatting drives as well (they take forever to do a "full" format, and the faster "quick formatting" often gives very bad, skipping results for long playing, multitrack projects.) I've two 80 gig drives that work reliably, and I'm not sure I want to invest much more time and trouble into anything else with it.

    it's a shame, really; I had such high hopes for it a few years ago. Not looking to sell it, and I might consider a second one for in-studio use, if they start selling cheap enough.

    Still, I'm puzzled that Fostex was so lame in implementing this thing in the first place.
  3. Here's what I am talking about maybe I should clarify

    I have two ADATS and a Frontier Designs Dakota and Montana Cards, as we all know the ADATS have a Proprietary 9 pin SYNC jack on them and it works awesome for locking ADATS together, I wish to do the same thing with my Fosted, Not using Opticals, but ADAT Sync for all my MMC because I mean it locks and doesn't waver at all. My set-up is a Behringer DDX3216 fully loaded which I have 16 tracks linked to my Fostex D2424LV Optically of course, and my computer Running LOGIC AUDIO Platinum, which I also have locked to 16 Tracks (duplicated) on my Behringer DDX3216, the nice thing is that I should be able to control both any or all of them from my computer or my mixer, which I can do nicely using the MIDI sych between the fostex and the board, but for some reason can't get MMC to work together on all three items, computer, recorder and mixer. Can anyone help me with this problem.

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