Can you Help me with monitors???

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Pablin, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Hi my name is Pablo and I'm building a home studio to start recording the demos of my band, and everything is going well except for the monitors, we don't have them and We don't have money, ( we spent a lot with the PA. ), so I'm thinking

    an old friend of mine gave me 2 speakers yamahas ( 6" woofer and 2 twiters I don't remember, they are pasive and amp is around 100w. Stereo) and they realy sound good at home, everybody like when I plug mi iPod on them, nice bass, and definitionin the mids, now, in the other hand, I got a mic from audix, the tr45 I think, and this plugin to tune monitors the " ik multimedia ARC system"

    So I'm planing to take this speakers to the studio and use them as monitors, using the mic and ARC plugin to tune a flat frecuecy on them

    Do you guys think this can work???
    I want to record my demo asap. ( no money to pay for studio )

    thanks for the help and sorry for my english but I'm not from the US.
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    Please provide the model number of the speakers.

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