Can't Decide - DP 4 or Logic 6

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by rick wilson, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. rick wilson

    rick wilson Guest

    I am in the process of setting up my first ever DAW. I have a single processor G4 933mhz.
    I just cannot decide which software program to get, DP 4 or Logic 6. Prior to this I had been syncing midi to 1/2" 16 trk with SMPTE. I do want good midi capabilities. I know that both of these programs are great. I just want the one that will be the easiest to get up and running and to start recording. I know with either package that initially I will get hung up on learning the program. Again, I just want to get the program that will be the least frustrating to learn.
  2. Nate Tschetter

    Nate Tschetter Active Member

    Feb 28, 2001

    The only way to answer which one you'll like is to use both programs. However, that's not always feasible so, to me, your wanting to get up to speed fast leads me to recommend Performer.

    In the long run, I think Logic is much more powerful on the MIDI side of things but, its not exactly the easiest thing to get fast on quickly.
  3. adf

    adf Guest

    Hi there

    I find Cubase is a pretty intuitive package - I've used it since it was a very basic piece of software, and I still think it's good. I'm a visual person myself, things have to look logical - and that's a strong reason for me buying anything technical. Maybe you could think about Cubase SL, or even SX. I do know that these both run under OS X. Do you have the latest operating system?


  4. sioux

    sioux Guest

    I can tell you what I believe to be true....

    Of the three, DP, Cubase, and Logic, I hear that Logic and Performer are the best. I really don't know anything about Cubase though. Of Logic and Performer, Logic may be the best long term in midi land although I can't verify that first hand. I use Performer and love it and the audio effects are superior to either of the other two. I did use Logic briefly at a friend's studio and didn't have any problems since I was used to Performer. I think you would be ok choosing either Logic or Performer. Logic is perhaps the most popular choice but I don't know the numbers.

  5. adf

    adf Guest

    Got me thinking now - maybe I should check out Logic before I buy my next Cubase software.

  6. sioux

    sioux Guest

    I would definitely investigate as much as you can. Start with the demos and reviews. All the major music magazines and web sites have reviews.

  7. rick wilson

    rick wilson Guest

    Andy, I had a very reliable source (and a Nuendo user) tell me absolutely DO NOT USE SX ON A MAC!
    I did not ask why, but his recordings are so good that I am taking his word for it. He thinks I should go w DP4 for the ease of learning the thing. Have a couple of other friends that swear by Logic. I am still torn.
  8. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    I haven't used DP4 yet, but use DP3 and can say it's a fairly easy to use program compaired to any version of Cubase I've used. That said, the first release of anything from MOTU usually has too many I'd hold off for a few more months.
  9. mpower

    mpower Active Member

    Jun 4, 2003
    Home Page:
    My 2c worth:

    I use SX on a powerbook G4 800 and I really like it. I have been a long term Cubase user but I was never really happy with their support. But it's what I know and I don't have time to learn something else. Having said that I took the trouble to buy a copy of Logic 5. I spent ages learning it, but at the end of the day Cubase did everything I need and Logic was far too complicated, and I felt that the only thing it really had over Cubase was TDM support, and I don't need that anyway. IMO Logic really is not a very good program at all, although others have their opinions which they are entitled to. I advise would not spending money on Logic until you have thoroughly investigated it and are 100% sure it is what you want. As for DP4, I have no idea about that but I am interested in comparisons between SX and DP4 - do you miss out on anything considerable between one and other?

  10. mpower

    mpower Active Member

    Jun 4, 2003
    Home Page:
    In addition to my last post, I forgot to mention that SX has been running really well, except for one quite sh*tty bug, where upon exiting the program hangs (which is easily fixed by force quit command). However, you have to make sure you save before you quit, because if you quit and wait for the "save?" command to come up you're screwed. They haven't released an update in ages, but other than that no problems and it's easy to use.

  11. adf

    adf Guest

    I'd better check out Logic - it could be time to change from Cubase, although it's what I know best. I worked with a producer when I was in the UK, and he was always a Cubase guy, then suddenly 'saw the light' and switched to Logic. I trust his judgement, so perhaps it's goodbye Steinberg.

    BTW, what system is everyone operating?

  12. Mario-C.

    Mario-C. Active Member

    Nov 17, 2002
    Mexico City
    Home Page:
    the fat eq in logic sounds awful, particularly in the high end you get this "shhhh" harshness, I haven't tried the new eq in version 6 but I hope it sounds better, as far as learning logic fast forget it, 'not gonna happen, DP is so much easier...
  13. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2003
    Kirkland WA
    Home Page:
    Freinds don't let friends use Steinberg products.

    Logic and DP are fine professional products

    SX recieved it's second bug-fix today, so imagine if you were a SX user you lived with an app that needed the following items fixed.

    - MacOS X: fixed problems with Projects names containing special german characters
    - MacOS X: projects with QT movies failed to quit properly and required a force quit
    - MacOS X: full Screen function caused problems
    - True Tape on/off status wasn't saved with project file
    - "Save project to new folder" stored the project with old name instead of the new one
    - Record Arming & Monitoring on/off state of audio/MIDI tracks are now saved with the project file
    - Monitoring state restores after reload
    - When toggling between projects the audio engine sometimes stopped playing
    - SX immediately quit when switching Stereo/Mono switch sometimes
    - Fixed several condition, that could lead to an immediate exit and return to the desktop
    - Activating system link with analog input as system link input could lead to crash
    - Selecting "Non Buffered Read" in VST Multitrack/Expert Settings caused an unexpected error
    - VST-Inputs windows: all available inputs can be reached now
    - Multiple audio file import could cause Audio engine system error message
    - Fixed opening .key files containing macros
    - Fixed loading DSP-Factory Preset files
    - Fixed problems with OggVorbis file export
    - MacOS X: MP3 im- & export is now supported
    - Click during Preroll works as expected now
    - Precount didn't follow Tempo track
    - The Marker Track Inspector remembers column sorting now
    - Adding a marker when the marker track is in a folder could freeze Cubase
    - Tempo track was set inactive on opening a Reason project
    - Certain time signatures could freeze Cubase.
    - Cycling between locators could cause MIDI and Audio to drift
    - Fixed problems with MIDI clock slow down during playback
    - Fixed a problem with locating cursor
    - Scrubbing via Houston during playback is possible now
    - Mackie HUI remote map generated MIDI out
    - "Solo" behavior improved
    - "Saving all mixer settings" did not save Master and Send FX
    - In the Track Mixer "copy/paste" didn't work for MIDI Channels
    - Fixed a possible crash while copying/pasting channel settings
    - Fixed a Bug where clicking "+" button to show automation on a track in non-active project could lead to freeze
    - Fixed problems with VST Instruments and high latencies
    - On Audio Exports with VST Instruments the first note isn't missing anymore
    - VSI to Groups routing causes no more delay
    - VSTi´s MIDI Outputs for track input are available again
    - VST instruments showed up in theplug-insmenu list
    - Fixed right-click menu on Audio Events, so allplug-insshow up
    - UAD-1: plugin-knobs were not shown in the plugin GUI
    - Fixed a possible crash with discarded, but still referencedplug-ins
    - Double Delay, Flanger, ModDelay, Phaser and Symphonic: no more problems changing the delay time
    - MIDI-plugin: Arpache SX played unreliably
    - MIDI-plugin: "Note 2 CC"-Plugin caused lost of VSTinstruments Audio-output
    - Fixed a possible crash when using speaker tool on REX-files in the Audio Part editor
    - Hiding/unhiding the level scale bar in the Sample Editor could lead to crash
    - MacOS X: fixed a possible crash on Pitch-shift Envelope preview
    - Pitch Shift Envelope had no function with unchecked Time Correction
    - MacOS X: MPEX timestretch is now available
    - Fixed a problem with Spectrum Analyzer, Statistics, Detect Silence performed much to often
    - Loading presets in the Crossfade dialog works now
    - Switching resolution of audio recording produced white noise signal
    - First recording after <empty trash> in Pool was corrupt
    - Audio CD Import could freeze Cubase
    - MacOS X: Imported REX files were converted to common audio files instead of slices
    - Reset on Stop/All Notes Off didn´t worked for held sustain pedals
    - MIDI Functions - Restrict Polyphony : MIDI notes vanishes by "Cancel"
    - Pedals to Note Length was always greyed out
    - Using Groove Quantize could cause Cubase SX to crash
    - Position of recorded MIDI Part didn´t start at left locator
    - It wasn't possible to draw controller ramps longer than 18 bars
    - Moving a selected range didn´t work if "Delete Overlaps" was set to "on"
    - Copying MIDI part between projects now works as expected
    - Duplicating a shared part created a real copy of the part
    - Paste Time didn't shift parts to right when parts in a folder are selected
    - Step Input: right arrow stops producing rests at right hand side of screen
    - Fixed a Notes graphic problem in the Key Editor
    - Fixed a possible crash after using pencil tool in List Editor on SMF events
    - Drum Editor: Drum Solo didn't follow instruments selection correctly
    - Score: Align elements was greyed out when lyrics were selected
    - Score: layout list: tracks were in wrong order
  14. Nate Tschetter

    Nate Tschetter Active Member

    Feb 28, 2001

    I dunno, I use Logic all day every day (except Arbor day and during baseball season) and it has a list of bugs that I've put up with for so long I don't know if I consider them bugs anymore. I just have trained myself to "not do that". The point is, all software has bugs.

    Although I'm sure the aforementioned bugs are serious, I think the importance of finding software that works the way YOU like it to rather it it working you the way IT likes to is most important.
  15. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2003
    Kirkland WA
    Home Page:
    I also own DP and Logic. And I've owned cubase since version 3.x.

    Yes I agree all software has bugs, but it's the basic fundamental nature of the bugs.

    VSTi without midi? and they invented the spec!!!
    I would love for them to have great products, but quality control is non-existant.

    It's as If they have to many products for the available staff to handle.

    It's not just SX, Halion2 has the same bug as version 1. Use it in a tune, when you reopen it cannot remember what samples were used, you have to load them manually.

    I haven't seen any evidence that the Pinnacle purchase has improved the situation.

    Nuendo on the Mac2 is in worse shape. Really it's sad to see. :cool: :roll:
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