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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by willy-san, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. willy-san

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    Ok let me lay out my set up for you all.

    I have a Shure BG40 in the center of the room to record our practices. Then I run that through an M-Audio Audio Buddy using phantom power. Then I have two 1/4 in. line outs going into a Y cable that converts it to a 1/8 in stereo plug which goes directly into my soundcard. Then I use Guitar Tracks Pro to record.
    Also if I allready recorded something and its in this, "mono" (once I mixdown the audio it only comes out of one speaker) format, does GTPro allow me to mixdown the audio in stereo?

    Now, If I only have one mic going through the Audio Buddy should I only use one of the line outs and not have two?Does it think there is another mic and thus, silence.

    I hope that is enough information.
    Let me know if you need any other info.

  2. Kswiss

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    unless you have a stereo mic, and go into both inputs on the audio buddy, all you have is a mono signal. the audio buddy is two independent pre-amps. Even if both of them did spit out a signal, they would be exactly the same, so it would be redundant to play both. If you play two of the same mono signals in stereo, it is still mono... you would have to run two different mics into the audio buddy, and then pan them L and R and then you'd have stereo....

  3. willy-san

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    Ok, so I have mono, but how do I get the audio to come out of both speakers. I know it will be the same audio coming out of both speakers but atleast I have both speakers going.

    The mic im using is a Shure BG40 Condensor mic.
  4. Kswiss

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    in whatever recording program you are using, make sure that the track is panned to the center. This is the default setting in most programs so you might want to make sure that both of your speakers are working with some other audio.... i don't know guitar tracks pro, so i'm not positive what you need to do....

  5. vaibhs

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    firstly lets assume tht both the speakers are working and amped with proper levels

    check it out by playing any song from any player

    if theres no prob thn the only thing u can check is the settings in ur software and the audio driver or software of ur audio card

    check mainly in the software tht u r using forr recording and see to it tht it is centre panned for mono

    as far as stereo goes u will need two mics .

    but tht wouldnt really matter if u place the mics tooo close to each other as both of them will pick up almost the same signals

    u will need to place them aat a larger distance and properly use their polar patterns and directivities or the various stereo miking techniques available

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