cardiod mains placement for small orchestra

Discussion in 'Orchestra' started by QuickDiscs, Mar 14, 2005.

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    I no that a spaced pair of cardiod mics is not what you want for your mains but it you had to do it that way where would be the best placement for mics for a small string orchestra maybe 40 members. I would normally place my mains about 10-12 feet up, two feet in back of conductor. Mics at 35 degree angle down and out. This is very bad sounding to bright and harsh. I was thinking would it help smooth out the sound if I lowered the mains to about 8 feet high maybe 6 feet in back of conductor and much less of an angle, more straight with the mics. Trying to get less high end and a more natural room sound with what I have. Should I pull the mics further back. I know buy new mics, I have one AT4050 but the other will not be here for a couple months, money reasons. :D
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    I for one am wondering why you cannot use your cardioids in a more conventional manner-- ORTF, NOS, etc.

    Your instincts on the sound you are getting are good. Don't forget your friend "Mr EQ" either.

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    I would beware that when you have two cardiod unbaffled mics at that small of an angle, your sound approaches the "dual mono with phase problems" kind of sound... When you open up the angle of the mics (ie X-Y at 90 degrees or ORTF at 110 degrees), you end up with a overlap of the pickup patterns of each mic that helps create a good stereo image.

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    Thank you for your replies. I used the wrong words I'm actually using a ORTF setup :oops:
    Can some one tell me what ORTF stands for, can not find it.
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    from : Wikipedia

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    Try a pair of wide cardiods(sub cardiod??) mounted ORTF up about 10' and 6 to 8' from the conductor. The height you are using is good, just too close to get a good blend of the group.
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    Mar 23, 2005
    A little orchestral music

    OK, I record as part of my job. I am no studio pro by any means.

    Here are a couple of snips of pieces I recorded of our local symphony.

    Remember--these are MP3's so they lose out in the transformation.

    They were recorded with an ORTF pair of wide condensers. I think they came out pretty good considering the low cost of the mics.

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