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Discussion in 'Computing' started by alexn, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. alexn

    alexn Guest

    Are there any other CArillon TI or TI+ usres out there ?
    I am trying to hook up with some or start a small forum.

    I have always had some sort of glitch or probelm, and usually make do with working around it> Examples:
    - DSP soundcard - it's a mystery! ANd the efects on it can't be used in mixes - loads of crackles, unlistenable
    - Upgrded to Sonar 7 Producer edition recently - can't adjust the latency, very CPU hungry plug ins
    Anyone out there who wants to share and learn?
  2. thejing

    thejing Guest

    hello alex i have a carillon ti,and cubse studio 4,i am having problems with it the tracks crackle,so i have to reload the bus connections stereo in and out but even then it still crackles,maybe its my headphones?also it tells me sometimes half way through a track that it has encountered critical severe problem and needs to close..Great just what you need when youve spent two hours on a track,so if you do not save it shuts down.i bought this last year and to be honest ive had nothing but trouble and when i ring carillon you get some miserable git who does not even sound interested in your problem it seems to me they just want ya money and thats it...i may aswell have just recycled a dustbin and recorded onto an old tape recorder.
    i rang carillon they sent me a disc with a new driver or what ever and the disc was covered in scratch marks,it looked like it had been used to play frizby with or as a tea mat.still i cleaned it and it worked for a while.
    I tried to reload the cubase studio 4 disc and unistall the one on the computer but it would not let me unistall the cubse studio 4 so i sent steinberg an email and they told me to rename the file in the c drive xcubase studo 4.they said it would create a new one when i click on the cubse icon and fare enough yes it did , i checked to see if it was still crackling and guess what there was more crackling on it than a duck in a space also breaks up when your playing a track back and when i export it to the desk top and play it back it still crakles and breaks up fanatastic carillon thanks a thousand pounds.i wish i had bought an apple
    like my mate told me to.
    anyway alex
    hope your not having the same trouble
    and if you are then its obvious its got nothing to do with the fact that we are crap musicians or sound engineers maybe its because cubase studio 4 is crap or the carillon is crap.
    all the best mate
  3. thejing

    thejing Guest

    I think the problem with the crackling has something to do with the bus,go to devises on the menu bar go to vst connections and load the stereo and then save it in this under a name for your track save the track and reload it,this has worked for me.
    hope this helps
    all the best
  4. thejing

    thejing Guest

    some times when you do a new track you forget to save the drums as the track name or you forget to save the stereo in and out in the connections when in connections click on the save bus box next to the drop down list and put your track name when it reloads it should load this and not crackle
  5. Greener

    Greener Guest

    "when i ring carillon you get some miserable git who does not even sound interested in your problem"

    Worth the headache I got reading your post. :p
  6. thejing

    thejing Guest

    I do know the person you are talking about he was on the line when i phoned them,he sent me a disc to upgrade something i can not remeber and the disc was scratched and it looked like they had been playing fisby with it.Still its great to buy a computer for over a thousand pounds to record and then have it break up on you.was the miserable gits name tristian by any chance?I will keep you all posted on any progress in any way that i have of solving any problems to do with cubase studio 4 the best thing is top get in contact with cubase via emails on thier site just click on help in cubase.
    ps..he did sound interested in my problem either if that is any consolation
    merry christmas greener and alex
  7. Greener

    Greener Guest

    Merry Christmas to you too and the very best for the New Year, TheJing.
  8. MrEase

    MrEase Active Member

    Jan 19, 2006
    West Suss ex, UK
    Hi Alex,

    I do not use a Carillon PC but I do use Sonar 7. Have you tried asking on the Sonar Forum hosted by Cakewalk. If you make sure you post all your PC spec's and describe the problems as clearly as you can I'm sure some of the users there will be able to help.

    All I would say at the moment is that it's impossible to say what your problem might be without posting your actual PC spec's. What CPU, what MOBO, what memory, disks, soundcard etc.

    I still think you will get more responses on the Sonar forum than here though.
  9. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2007
    "DSP soundcard"

    This would be my first guess at the problem. This is a , what...gaming card? 7.1 surround type card?

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