Casio Keyboard AC Adaptor ???

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    Can I use a standard run of the mill AC adaptor on a Casio WK3200 (or similar model) keyboard, providing of course they are the same, Volt and mA (milliamps) and pin configuration ?
    Also does anyone know what the mA (milliamp) are for the Casio Adaptor in quesition, I do know it's a 12 volt but that is all I know, I won't have the actual keyboard in hand to referebce for a couple days. So I'm tryng to round something up before it get's here.
    I could order the real deal, but it will run me $30 plus shipping, but why bother if I can just use a different one, I might even have one that will work.
    And advise, greatly appreciated
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    I'm getting conflicting reports if the Casio comes with or without the AC adaptor, guess I'll just find out when it gets here......It's not the end of the world...........................
    Anyway while we're on the subjuct of AC adaptors, some of you guys maybe hip to this tip, but I hit the Good Will and other type second hand stores and pick up AC adaptors for pennies, I mostly use them for guitar stomp boxes. It's hard to believe they charge 10,15,20 bucks for those things new.
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    Mar 20, 2006
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    Casio AC adaptor

    Hi JoeJoeMan. I've just downloaded the manual for the WK3200 and it does appear to come with an AC adapter (we brits call'em wall rats or wall warts) It is a hefty beast at 18watts that is 12volts at 1500mA (1.5A). It is hard to see from a pc screen but the input polarity seems to be centre negative. I do wish manufactures would get this sorted, both my keyboards, a Yamaha and a Evolution are centre pos. The output polarity of ac adaptors is the most important thing to get right, a lot of kit is not protected. Invest in a cheapo test meter from Radshak or elsewhere and learn how to use it. NB a lot of the cheaper rats deliver a off load output voltage up to 1.5X rated outout this can damage some gear.The o/p current capabilty is not too much of a danger . I f it is higher than the gears requirement, no matter, if too low the gear wont run or sound distorted and the adaptor may get hot. Golden Rule: If you are buying new kit, use the supplied adaptor or you risk voiding the warrenty.[/b]

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