Cassette Master Preservation - Please help

Mad John

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Nov 25, 2001
Good day everyone,

I have precious 20 year old cassette masters of my first original group, Zythum and I have been planning a 6 CD box set release that will be the first of it's kind....but more on that later.

I wish to transfer these tapes for permanent posperity. I have a Masterlink and I was thinking I would be alright with a few backups, includeing a couple of CD-24s.

This box set is a labour of love, revealing 3 Teenagers circa 1982-1984 in a world not related to MTV,but rather a more serious and conceptual music,based from hard rock and long epics performed live by a 13,16 and 17 year old.

The prepareing has taken over 2 years, so there is alot to this in the form of detail.

By the way the cassettes still sound great today!

Peace & Dreams ya all! :tu: