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  1. I'm looking at a Tascam DA 88, but what I'd want to do is get the audio onto my computer in order to sweeten it up. Don't know how to do that. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do that? I've been told that there's something that you can buy that allows it. True? Or, would I have to stick to running it through an amp and then into the computer via RCA?
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    Isn't there a Tascam format converter box you can rent to get from TDIF to lightpipe and into your DAW?

    p.s. what makes your fedora so angry ? :D
  3. Yeah, I saw something on the tascam site. Thanks.

    My fedora is actually quite docile, rather pleasant. You see, I created this account at a time when my good ol' fedora was very angry with me. I had just cheated on it with this bowler cap... Nasty story. Please, don't make me continue.

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    I'll survive (though with great effort).
  4. Jerry-
    Hope that answers your question?
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    I think I'll opt for an Indignant Sombrero instead 8)
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    Good story! It reminds me of an old Disney cartoon short musical called, "Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet". The Andrews Sisters sang the song ...
  7. Hey, now there's a novel idea! How about we see what happens when we put the indignant sombrero in the same room as the angry fedora? Will it spark a passionate romance? Will it be the beginning of a wonderful friendhsip? Or, will it be a terrible mistake, resulting in the breakdown of all communication between the two parties and a painful separation?

    Oh my! It's the newest reality show from FOX!!!!


    (That is me laughing. And, consequently, soiling myself. Thank you for that amazing bit of information. Honestly. You rock. Quite a bit.)
  8. Hmm. Mabe the soiling myself was a bit much;

    however it was rather amusing.

    I was highly amused

    by the amusingness of it.
  9. Hmm...

    People have lost interest. Lovely.

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