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Discussion in 'Publishing / Marketing' started by BobRogers, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Aaaaak! My Epson R380 in on the fritz, not recognizing any of the ink cartridges. Yes, most are non-oem but one is Epson. It's not recognizing any of them and last week it was working fine. I'll contact Epson for help, but since this baby is about six years old, I'm not exactly holding my breath.

    So...we haven't had this discussion for a while. What is everyone using for small run CD printing, I'm interested in printers, ink, and the CDs themselves.
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    I've had a Primera Bravo printer for 9-10 years now. I will say mine is slow. I would hope the newer ones are significantly faster. Mine averages about 2-3 minutes to print a typical disc. Most of that time is the robotic arm picking and placing the disc. It has been relatively trouble-free for a long time. The biggest thing I have to watch is the bulk-packed discs that tend to stick together - which as you can image throws a wrench into the whole robotic arm system. Occasionally there's a printing glitch, but they've been few and far between. The Mac software and Windows software for the Bravo are very different and each have their strengths and weaknesses. The job will dictate which computer I connect to the disc printer.

    I don't know about the new ones, but my Bravo uses one cartridge for black, while CYM are in the one color cartridge. At about $42 a piece, that's a bit of an issue. If you print a few hundred discs with black text and a little one-color logo, you may have shot a significant enough amount of that one color to render the entire color cartridge useless for all (or part of) the next job, all for lack of one color. This can leave you a short stack of wasted discs that will not pass QC. I try to keep a spare black and a spare color cartridge on hand at all times and set my print quantity at 25, so if there's a problem I don't have a BIG stack of wasted discs.

    In this day and age having not having separate cartridges for CMY&K is unconscionable - something else I hope they've addressed in the years since I bought mine.

    I do use their OEM ink cartridges. No troubles there as long as you use the printer often enough to keep the print-heads from clogging with dried ink. I usually use mine often enough, and if it gets clogged it's that's nothing a little glycol can't fix.

    For 90% of my short-run stuff I use Ritek/Ridata blanks (whether it be CD-R or DVD-R). They're the least expensive inkjet disc I've found that never fails in the duplicator, and you can print to the hub if you're doing full coverage. In bulk they're about 21¢ each. If I'm not using the Ritek discs, I'm using T-Y with the WaterShield surface that helps prevent the ink smearing or bleeding if the disc gets wet - but they're about 3x the price. If durability is a concern it's the way to go.

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