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  1. I have a Tascam CD-RW5000 recorder. I've heard that the new high-speed CDR blanks might not work ay 1x. Tascam tech support has been silent on this (surprise, surprise.) I'd hate to invest in spindles of media which will not work.
    Am I now stuck using only 'music' CDs?
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    I've been using standard TY disks (48x, I think) in a Tascam CD-RW700 without any trouble.
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    Why not just buy a single one ( or what ever the smallest amount you can buy is) and see if it works ?


  4. :D Thanx zemlin. I have been using the TY discs, but they upped the speed since the last time I bought any. The last AES meeting here talked about the issue. Some of those folks are buying music CD's because some of the 48-52x discs won't work in their burners.
    I usually order quantities on line. Guess I'll just get a pack of 25 to see if they still work.
    Thanx again,

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