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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by leeward, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. leeward

    leeward Guest

    First of all, just want to say this forum as been a great help, and fun too!

    My system is:
    Aopen MX3WPro motherboard(intel 810 chipset)
    Pentium 3 850mhz
    256mb sdram
    Primary hd:Fujitsu mpc3102at 10.24gb,5400rpm, c: and d: partitions, master on primary
    ide bus.
    Secondary hd:Maxtor 20gb, 7200rpm,e: partition, master on secondary ide bus
    acer standard udma33 cdrom, slave on primary ide bus.
    AGP video on-board.
    On-board ac'97 sound is disabled in BIOS.
    Tascam US-428 with cubasis(I am expecting my Cubase VST/32 in a couple of days)

    My problem: When playing an audio cd in my cd-rom(using Winamp, or Windows Media Player),
    sound is choppy, unlistenable, kind of like the disk is skipping, or there is a delay. Or else, I
    get a stop error BSOD, with a reference to uhcd.sys(sorry I don't have the exact message,
    I didn't write it down).
    I checked the IRQ allocation, and there don't seem to be any conflicts, and I have nothing
    else on my usb port.
    I noticed when I change the latency in the US-428 control panel(increase it) it gets worse.
    The cd-rom works otherwise, program installation, even games work.
    I can also copy a cd to the harddrive and play it that way.
    I want to add a cd burner to my system, but I don't know if this problem will affect disk copying.
    I hope I include all the main info, if anyone has any suggestions, I appreciate it in advance.
    Thanks, leeward
  2. leeward

    leeward Guest

    Sorry, o.s. is Win2k sp2.
  3. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Hmm...UHCD.sys is Universal Host Controller Driver/Device
    So you must beplaying your CD's thru the 428 then. You do have the enable digital audio enabled on the CDrom in the properties for the CDrom correct?
    If there are no IRQ issues or any conflicts showing I'm wondering then about the drivers for the 428..what version are you using? The latest 3.06 version?
    The fact that you have Service pack 2 is good..
    Win2k is great so I'm wondering what could be the issue there. I know it's not the onboard audio controller...
    I have a system that I am building for someone that had exhibited the same error message and I'm currently trying to figure that one out. It is with Cubase(full version) as well so hopefully I'll figure this one out ASAP!! and I wil let you know. Do you have any problems with playback/recording with the Cubasis program?
    let me know on that one
  4. leeward

    leeward Guest

    Yes, I'm trying to play back cds through the 428.
    I'm using the 3.05 driver, I'll download 3.06 and install it tonight. No problems with playback and recording with cubasis, though.
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