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    Hi guys and girls,
    I'm curious about channel expansion... I have a Fast Track C600 and I really enjoy its recording quality and me and a buddy are setting up a recording studio on a tight budget. Is there any channel expander that's compatible with my interface? Are expanders only tailored to specific models of interfaces high up in the professional quality level? Or is it possible to buy a channel expander for my interface for a cheaper price than buying a new interface? I'm thinking eight extra channels should do the trick.
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    As far as I can tell that interface has 4 mic inputs and the 2-channel SPDIF input, for a total of six channels. If you want more than that you will probably need a bigger interface.
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    Probably not expandable... unless it has a Lightpipe I/0 - or some other proprietary expansion connector interface that allows you to chain units together - you're gonna have to upgrade to a model with more inputs.

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