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    I'm thinking of buying a splitter for when I do live recording. (Would make things a hell of a lot more predictable.) I'm just wondering where would be the best place to split the signal. I need a multichannel feed to the soundboard as well as my recorder.

    Should I split after the mics or should I split after the mic pres? (Basically should I split pre-recorder preamp or post-recorder preamp?)

    Part of me wants to split it after the mic pres, but I really have no idea what would be best in principle.
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    Well - it depends.

    You can effectively split from either location - post mic or post pre. The resistance loads shouldn't be such that they won't allow this.

    If you're using all dynamic mics, it's actually as simple as getting a basic 'Y' cable from your local music store. However, if you're using condensers, then you'll need a transformer isolated splitter (if you go between mic and pre) so that you don't blow up one or more pieces of gear.

    If you split *after* the pre and you're running TRS outputs, you could simply use a Normalled patch bay. The output would be routed to 3 destinations from one input.

    Does this help??

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    Yeah I've seen a few Whirlwind splitter snakes on eBay. I heard they stopped using Canare cable though, which is why they're cheaper now. Is this true?

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