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Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by JusTheChu, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. JusTheChu

    JusTheChu Guest

    I was looking into buying a cheap midi controller, probably about 50-100$. Im not much of a piano player so ill just use it to punch in some simple melodies; Im thinking that a 1 or 2 octave keyboard will be fine, right? What other features should I look for in a keyboard? could anyone recommend a good one for me? thanks alot.
  2. Spookym15

    Spookym15 Guest

    I have an O2 which is a 2 octaves with a usb plug and it works pretty good but you need to have a program to run them through if you had a mac then garage band I use reason and it rocks. The O2 runs for 100 bucks the 08 runs for 150 i think
  3. JusTheChu

    JusTheChu Guest

    I have a PC and im not going to use this keyboard at all for live purposes, only just to input some notes to gigastudio. Perhaps usb is faster than midi... I also looked at some of the M-audio keyboards.
  4. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    I will suggest you to look at Oxygen 49 , its a great keyboard from M - Audio , I bought it for making beats and they are great for the money.

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