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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by raiphord, Jan 7, 2005.

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    thanks guys
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    Jan 18, 2002
    First off, it sounds like you have quite a lot of software for "just starting out" - I hope these are all LEGIT copies, not cracks; try to keep in mind that software is a programmer's "music", and therefore is NOT "free" - unless, of course, you want no compensation for whatever product YOU produce - (this is not aimed at YOU specifically, I just feel VERY strongly about this, as opposed to being a hyprocrite who thinks it's OK to steal from others but not the other way around)

    That said, the only way I know of to get familiar with ANY program enough to use it effectively, is to USE it; read the help files, specifically any tutorials, then jump in and try to do what they say; when you can't :=( then read the help again, try it again, etc - I've spent WEEKS at a time going to bed when the sun came up, learning software this way - I know it isn't fast, but it works.

    In order to take full advantage of what you have, you really MUST get so familiar with it that you operate on "auto-pilot" - that way, your brain can stay in "right brain" mode so your creativity isn't "chopped up in little pieces" trying to remember how to split a track, or whatever - that level of familiarity ONLY comes with lots and lots of use.

    For that reason (no pun intended, sorry) I would concentrate on the ONE program that will be most useful to you (maybe Acid??) FIRST, learning it well enough to not have to stop and think before doing things - Then, after you don't have to open the Help file to do stuff, pick the NEXT most useful program you have, and start all over -

    Be sure and "review" the earlier-learned program every so often as you go, so you don't lose your new-found knowledge; and, if any of your software doesn't seem to be NECESSARY, then don't bother to learn it AT ALL, or at least not til you're up and running like a PRO - this will minimise the "monkey-motion" in your life and allow you to get REALLY good on the stuff that's actually IMPORTANT to YOU.

    That's my advice, based on about 40 years in various technical fields - hope it helps... Steve
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    Apr 17, 2003
    These were my thoughts to, after reading the first post. Or quite an investment in apps. Nuendo itself is an hefty investment.

    What's in that PC, soundcard, CPU, Harddrives etc. ??

    Acid is not a conventional multitracker, it only records one track at a time. But it is a quick app in arranging loop's and beats.
    Sound Forge is a stereo wave editor.
    I'm not familiar with the other programs you mention, myself, but I'm sure Mr. knightfly or others here know something more on them.
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    thanks guys i really appreciate it. :cool: im really trying to find a way to tie all my stuff into one so i can record. i know how to run everything into my mixer but i dont know how to run somthing from my mixer to record. i want to run everything through the mixer and record to a tape or cd or whatever you suggest.
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    the computer has a 160gig internal harddrive and it has a 80 gig dedicated external harddrive for like back up. the sound card im going to purchacse in the near future is the creative labs audigy 2 platinum edition where it has the 5.25 bay and the card. right now just using basic sound card and plugs. any more suggestions.

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