Chesky "Bonger Tests" clipping

Discussion in 'Mixing' started by aaronlyon, Feb 5, 2005.

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    Re track 25 "Bonger Test" on Chesky JD37 audiophile test disc, recorded by Bob Katz:

    When played, even at low volume, I can hear distortion (clipping) in the -3 and -13dB tones. When I extract the audio file to my hard drive and examine with an editor, I can clearly SEE the clipping. (FYI, there is no clipping on track 26, the Bonger Test created with "standard A to D.")

    Why am I seeing clipping? Is the data on the CD actually clipped, or is my CDROM drive to blame for extracting the audio data poorly?
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    :roll: OK. Never mind. Found the answer on Google Groups:


    Bob Katz admits that his error caused the unintended clipping.


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