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    I plan on getting the MBox factory bundle. I know the chip set is a problem. How do I check on the chip set for a computer I don't have yet in order to find out if the included protools LE software will work? All I know is that the processor is a Pentium 4 w/ HT technology, 3 GHZ, and 800 FSB.
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    Either build your own, or ask the MFG what motherboard and/or chipset they are using. If they aren't willing to tell you, don't buy from them. Get it in writing so if it isn't what they say you can return it.
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    Go to the bottom of this page and download version 1.26 of CPU-Z.

    Unpack and run this, In the Mainboard tab it should mention the Motherboard manufacturer and chipset. It's likely to be a 865PE/848/875P/915P or 925X chipset.

    Failing this check your own motherboard manual or documentation. For a MBox to work correctly you'll want anything but 915P and 925X chipsets.
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    Good advice guys.

    If you want a custom PC but don't want to build it yourself check out places like,

    You can pick all of the parts for a custom PC and they will build and test it for you (I believe at no charge still). That way you can get exactly what you need for PT with no issues for the same or less money than some off the shelf PC of unknown quality. You can also call them and give them your requirements and they can help you design a system that fits your needs. They have a huge parts selection as well as a very knowledgeable sales staff. Check'em out.

    No I don't have an association with them other than being a very satisfied customer.
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