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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by nillox, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. nillox

    nillox Guest

    iv been wanting to get a pre amp or two for my FP10 for a while now and iv narrowed it down to three. presonus eureka, joe meek 6Q and art pro channel. i picked these because they are in my price range, have the features i need (compressor and EQ) and are available to me.

    iv heard a lot of good things about the eureka and that its good for vocals and guitars, mixed reviews for the 6Q and i havnt heard much for the pro art channel but so far so good.

    i was hoping ye could give me a hand on choosing 2. i dont want to keep the money and get one really expensive one. id like 2, one say for snare and other for kick when doing drums.

    thx for any help.
  2. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    these are cheaper budget units
    all offering the channel strip set of features

    I have a JM VCQ6 and it's ok for it's time
    input is a chip based mic-pre and the compressor is a VCA ... all opamp design and typical of the time it was released
    a good work horse but not a special

    never touched the others
    so the following is base on web search stuff

    the PreSonus Eureka -
    Class A High Headroom Transformer Coupled Microphone Preamplifier
    cool and if they got it right for the budget then could be interesting
    Variable Microphone Input Impedance
    without knowing how this was done it is impossible to say if this is worthwhile
    Variable SATURATE control (simulates tape saturation and tube warmth)
    this could be interesting but with DAWs and PLug-Ins offering this it might be better to leave it to the editing stage
    once an effect is on the record - it can't be removed
    it is FET based and this should be fine on Kick and Snare
    Fully Variable Compressor with Hi-pass Side Chain
    without knowing the style can't say it it is good for Kick and snare
    generaly a hi pass can be useful ... vocals and bass guitar etc
    3-Band Fully Parametric Equalizer
    unless this is special .. you can do this in the DAW
    EQ Pre or Post Compressor
    nice touch
    if you must do this during record then this can be useful
    High Headroom Output Section
    if so ... this is better than the JM as it is not what I would call High HR ... possible doesn't matter if you have the average DAW interface
    Optional 24-Bit/192k Digital Output Card
    cool if you are into that
    I have more complex issues with digital word clock distribution and I generaly don't like this aproach

    the ART Pro Channel -
    Professional, tube-based microphone/line recording channel.
    tubes done right are cool
    tubes done bad are, at best ... just like everything else
    3 independent world-class modules: tube mic pre, switchable optical/ variable mu compressor, and tube EQ.
    cool ... but not my first choice for kick and snare
    vocals yep ... bass guit etc
    Warm, smooth, and silky sound quality.
    yeah ... fine if it is
    Precision detented potentiometers.
    again ... fine if it is
    Selectable VU Metering (mic pre out, compressor out, or Main Out)
    but I tend to use the DAW metering more these days
    however ... a good VU meter is a thing of beauty
    Tube Character and Gain Reduction LED Arrays
    well it has a tube ... and that's the point of the tube being there
    LED array ... it's helpful to have something but not impressive
    Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4 inch inputs and outputs
    so it should
    Insert Points between Preamp and Compressor, and Compressor and EQ
    nice touch
    3 hand-selected vacuum tubes
    Professional signal processing for use with any analog or digital recording format
    yes this could be a nice unit

    I have a JM VC6Q and it is a useful unit but I wouldn't rave about it

    the other two look fine but you have to get them in for a session and use them
    and chose what suits you

    For Kick and Snare I would suggest a simple quality Mi-pre ... ( API3124 :) )
    for vocals the above could be just righ

    IF I walked into your studio and saw these units,
    and was about to record a vocal
    :roll: I might give the ART a try first.
    for kick and snare I'd have to start with the Presonus
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