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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by clarnibass, Jul 28, 2005.

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    The only thing missing from my new computer for DAW is the sound card. I need a sound card that has 4 analog inputs and a MIDI i/o. I couldn't find a card that has 4 inputs and MIDI, only cards I could find with MIDI either have less than 4 inputs, or much more and are much more expensive because of that.

    The closest thing I could find is the M-Audio Delta-44 and get a USB MIDI interface. Does the USB create problems (like latency)?

    Another option is to get a card with only 2 inputs, since I am not 100% sure I'll need all 4 inputs any time soon. In this case the options are M-Audio Audiophile 192, Echo Mia Midi, Echo Gina3G (is there a difference between the Gina and Mia besides more outputs?).

    Did I miss something, or there is actually no card that is exactly what I need.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. digiduzer

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    Hi Clarnibass

    I've got a delta 44 myself, and it's a great card! it gives exactly the 4 analog inputs you need (and they're balanced at that!) But I sympathize with your desire for midi i/o

    Short of goin up the price scale to the Delta1010 (the only delta series card with MIDI i/o), there may be alternatives.

    In my home studio setup, I'm generally squencing MIDI "in the box", and running it to a softsynth on my DAW. Though I share your hunch that latency might plague you, I have a suggestion that may suit your situation.

    In most, if not ALL PCs, a joystick port doubles as a MIDI i/o. and for a few bucks, you can pick up a cable that breaks a 15-pin joystick plug into 2 MIDI plugs (one in, one out)

    using this, you can either both input MIDI with a controller / keyboard and play softsynths on your computer, or you could send the signal back out to external midi modules.

    hope that helps a little...

  3. TheArchitect

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    Mar 26, 2005
    RME 9632 with the 4port daughter board. Gives you 6 in 2 out plus midi and digital I/O
  4. M-audio Midi alternative

    I'd suggest getting the Delta 44, and then also looking into a Midisport Uno or a 1x1--these are simple USB MIDI I/O devices. If you wanted to, most of the simple low price Keystation MIDI controllers that M-Audio sells also have the same guts as the 1x1 or Uno, so you can use them as your main inpit controller too, if you want. I think the Uno and the 1x1 are easily under $100. Although the standard MIDI via serial port connectors are just fine too, USB does provide greater bandwidth and dat throughput, so you shouldn't midi log-jam on USB using high-throughput soft synths as you might with a standard 5-pin DIN. Standard Midi data rates are only around 33kbps, while a USB 1.1 connection gives you up to 1.5mbps. :cool:
  5. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005
    LynxOne has two analog i/o, plus SP/DIF and AES/EBU. The analog and digital can be used at the same time - total 4 channels. It also has two midi ports. Everything works great. Using analog out one is limited to 48k, but with an added 3rd. party D/A, it'll do 96.

    As stated by others though(Including Lynx), the midi i/o is a pretty cheap computer add-on from other companies, so the newer LynxTwo models which offer a variety of i/o options, including 4 analog i/o(Plus the digitals), offers no midi and does up to 192k analog - no other converters needed. Lynx converters are a "pro" as it gets.

    Also the L-22, which is very similar to the L1, with most of the upgrade features of the L-2, is less expensive, still though, no midi.

    If you're not familiar with the Lynx line, allow me to say that THIS is a SOUNDCARD! If you can find a model that meets your needs(As well as your foreseeable needs, it'll be around for awhile), at a price you can afford(Well worth stretching the budget for), a Lynx would be THE soundcard to have... I've had my LynxOne, using it professionally, for 5 years and it's still all I need. If you do find yourself needing more channels eventually, more than one LynxTwo can be used.

    Lynx Tech support is superb, as well. Any questions, get on the Lynx web site and go to their forum:

  6. jahme

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    Anyone use audiophile 2496? heard its a really good card. :lol:
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