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    Hello all, I've been browsing the forums for a bit and figured I should just ask my own question.
    I started recording last year by getting a used M-Audio firewire solo. It was great for starting out with only guitar recording and a mic if I wanted. But I have been trying to record with my friend and am sick of working around the lack of inputs, two is not enough. Right now my band is guitar/vocals/drums. I have the guitar going through my amp into an old mixer as well as the microphone and the mixer outputs (only has left and right, no single track outputs) back into the amp as its been the only way to hear both at the same time. This has worked live, but recording is much more difficult.
    To get a better sound of the drums, I got two AT2020 condenser mics off of craigslist for cheap. But the Firewire solo only can phantom power one at a time. So I want to upgrade to an audio interface that has two phantom powered mic inputs and more inputs to record the vocal mic (and sm58) and the guitar. And so I am looking for what I should buy next.
    Here are some more specific details and questions that I have:
    I want to stick with firewire and know that daisy chaining is plausable, but can I daisy chain two different models together? Can I have one AI go through my firewire solo?
    The AIs I have been looking into are the Edirol FA-101 and the presonus FP10.
    I run a desktop with both XP and Ubuntu linux, any info on whether an interface works with linux would be great, but not necessary.
    I would like to not have to spend a lot of money (<$350), so I'd most likely try and find a used device, but if it's worth it, more can be scrounged.

    Thanks in advance, I'd love to answer any question for more info if needed.

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