Chromatic Harmonica mic session

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by riffster, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. riffster

    riffster Guest

    I recently conducted a small mic comparison with several different chromatic harmonicas. The mics are kinda not what I would have liked to have but they'll do for now until I get my close-miked session underway. I would have loved to test out an SM7 & maybe some ribbons but oh well. Keep in mind that a chromatic is not a diatonic and the players really have no desire to have a overdriven sound. A person playing some Mozart stuff can't do it with a diatonic but can with a chromatic. My first time doing this, so go easy. This really is alot of work and now I have a new appreciation for the fellas who do this kinda stuff.

    The dynamic mics:
    AT 814a
    Audix OM-2
    Audix i5

    The condensers:
    Rode K2
    CAD E-100
    Oktava MK012

    Mackie 400F was used for preamp & conversion.
  2. Stilus

    Stilus Guest

    I usualy record harmonicas with Neumann TLM103, Audio Technica AT4033 or Shure KSM32 (connected to TL Audio C1 preamp).

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