Clairity In the Mixing Relm

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Jbrax, May 3, 2007.

  1. Jbrax

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    I am currently using KRK St6 Monitors ( Passive)
    How much difference wil I hear say going to higher end Passive Monitors?
    Will they be more defined? Will they enhance how I hear fine details and stereo image?
    Give me what you got Passively so to speak! :wink:
  2. audiotec

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    Monitors depend on so many other factors, that it is really hard to say if a more expensive product would make it better. If you remember the Auratone 5C, it was used right along side of mega-dollar equipment in all major studios. It was nothing more than a small speaker in a box, but it helped to reference what the mix would sound like on cheap radios. The Yamaha NS10M then became the standard, which was said to have started as a hi fi speaker. Here is a link to an article at Sound on Sound about comparing studio monitors to hi fi speakers, basically comparing low cost to high cost. It has good information concerning monitors in general.
  3. Jbrax

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    thank you sir! Im off to read
  4. Crankitup

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    crap in = crap out... better speakers just let you know how crappy it really is

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