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    I know the basic differences between different designs and what they do but I could use a quick technological explanation from someone with the cold facts. What makes a piece of gear Class A, what requirements does it have to live up to ? And Class AB ? Class B ? Is solid-state simply a design without tubes ? Discrete is point-to-point-wired with no IC's or...? For example the 1073 is discrete and Class A but the 1081 contains Class B electronics, what´s the major difference ? And then I read an interview with a designer talking about "REAL Class A"-stuff, not just Class A. Could someone straighten this out for me once and for all, thanx.
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    Nov 13, 2001
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    I´ll try to add a few words about class A. You might believe that class A has something with quality to do, but it does not. The fact is that class A is simply one way of setting up a circuit. The deciding factor is that the transistor (or for that matter other devices such as tubes) conducts all the time. In other circuits the transistor may shut down at parts of the wave-form.

    You may see some explanations here:

    So you might ask if class A is better than class B? No, that is not why they are called A or B or AB or whatever. That only describes how the circuit is constructed.

    So does class A sound better than class B? No, it might, or it might not. It depends on so many other things. There are some people who can swear that class A is the only way to go, but you might also find other people swearing that silver loudspeaker leads is the only way to go. Are they right? Only way for you to know is compare actual equipment using your own ears. I at least have built several class A circuits that sound really awful.

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    Thank you, great replies !
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