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  1. Hello all!

    So glad I found this forum, will hopefully help with my future recordings! :)

    In a few weeks I have to do a seminar on some classical styles of recording i.e blumlein par, ORTF etc. And I have been goign through my small jazz collection to see if any of them were produced with this microphone placement.

    I was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts if these were classically recorded?

    Dave Brubeck - Take Five
    Dave Brubeck - Camptown Races
    Mainly anything by John Coltrane

    Camptown Races seems to be done this way as you can hear quite alot of background noise and its a large stereo image.

    If you have any other suggestions that would be great.

    Thanks alot :)
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    The Acoustic fora is a slow reply place, we digest our answers thoroughly!

    For Blumein jazz You should check out the Swedish label Opus 3, most of their Early stuff where done with an AKG C24 by Proprietor Jan-Eric Persson! His former partner Bo Hanson (who also release records on a label named Opus 3, but not the same!) records exclucivly in Blumlein, but with a home made mike using Swedish (Pearl) rectangular capsules and a nuvistor preamp (Opus 3#2, Click "Musik", look fx for Peoria Jazz band..)

    I also belive Kavi Alexander of Waterlily Acoustics record with a Blumlein set up... (The latter is perhaps lesss of a jazz Label!)

    I dunno if I can name any main stream jazz that is recorded with a stereo technique!

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    While I am not going to state any specifics, plenty of straight ahead, acoustic jazz recordings utilize Middle Side MS stereo microphone technique. It is my favorite form of stereo microphone technique & usage. Although it seems to confuse a lot of people? Not sure why? When done well, it's an amazing technique with the ability to manipulate your stereo image from superwide all the way down to Mono. Very versatile. Always a good solid center image since the middle microphone generally points toward the center of the ensemble.

    That's MS Remy Ann David
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    No Blumlein here, but....WOW!

  5. Didier

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    Sep 8, 2008
    Yes, mono can be so good! What is the mike of Miles ? (U 47 ?)
  6. M/S is reallly easy to do in a DAW like Cubase and this link will show you how its done with a video to take you through it all.

    all the best

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